I'm Just Starting My Business - Is Organizing It Really a Priority?

I'm Just Starting My Business - Is Organizing It Really a Priority?

If you’re NEW to business and you’ve heard me talking about the importance of organizing your business a lot, you may be thinking… 

“I’m at the beginning stage of my business Nesha… I’m not sure if organizing it should be a priority right now.”

Do you feel this way?

Maybe you just want to focus on marketing and finding clients and so you can actually make some money from your baby business.

Maybe you’re still holding down your day job and trying to build your business on the side… so you prioritize setting up a website, going to networking events, and posting to your new business Instagram account in the hopes that someone will hire you.  

Or maybe you’re on a strict budget and believe you don’t have much money - if any at all - to invest in your business tools and systems.

In this episode, I’m going to show you why you SHOULD make organizing your business a priority even if you’re just starting out and don’t have much money to invest in your business, and how organizing your business can bring in clients and DOUBLE your income.

Did you know you could make more money by organizing your biz?


[Free Workshop] My 10 Step Plan to Organize Your Service-Based Business - Even If You Have No Time!

[Free Workshop] My 10 Step Plan to Organize Your Service-Based Business - Even If You Have No Time!

Do you ever feel like you’re working your butt off to build your business but barely getting anywhere and just feeling overwhelmed?

> You get up early to work and don’t finish until late in the evening.

> Your to-do list never seems to get shorter (even though you work so freakin’ much!)

> You’re not only in charge of your client work. You’re also the social media marketer, bookkeeper, inbox manager, blogger, copywriter and designer... It’s a lot of work for one person to handle!

> You’re worried your lack of organization makes your clients think you’re unprofessional but you just don’t have time to get organized.

I used to struggle with this too.

I used to work 60+ hours a week and only make the equivalent of minimum wage for my efforts.

I was sacrificing everything for my business: my mental health, family time, and my happiness.

The silly thing was that I told myself I was “too busy” to do anything about it. That this was just the cost of being my own boss.

But then I realized something…

It's Hard to Make Six Figures Without Doing This First

It's Hard to Make Six Figures Without Doing This First

What if you need to make six figures to live the lifestyle you crave? Maybe you want to retire your husband from his soul-sucking day job? Take the vacations you want? And just feel safe and secure?

I want to tell you it is totally achievable. You have GOT this.

But here's the thing:

You can't make six figures without organizing your business first. In fact, if by some miracle you DO, you'll be wishing you hadn't.

Here's why.

To make six figures from your service-based business, you'll need to either:

  1. Raise your pricing

  2. Take on more clients

Either way, you need streamlined, simple business systems and processes to pull it off without driving yourself mad or disappointing your high-paying clients.

Let’s start by discussing charging premium prices.

If you want to charge premium prices, (eg. 12 x $8k for your service = about $100k), then you'll need to provide a premium client experience. Your client process needs to be smooth, simple and efficient from the moment a potential client reaches out to the moment you part ways.

4 Ways To Set Boundaries With Your Clients

4 Ways To Set Boundaries With Your Clients

“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

That is one of my favourite quotes by the wonderful Dolly Parton. I love it because it’s so true for most solopreneurs. We can get so caught up in pleasing our clients that we start to blur the line between work and personal time and suddenly find ourselves working at 9pm on a friday night, or telling our husbands to take the kids out on Saturday because we’re too busy with work.

In this episode, I’m talking about 4 ways you can set boundaries with your clients so you never feel expected to put your work above your family or your free time again. You’ll also learn why setting boundaries is not strict, how to do it in a respectful and kind way, and how to make sure your clients stick to them!

How To Juggle Multiple Clients Without Getting Overwhelmed

Coral (27).png

Rena McDaniel's web design and maintenance business grew fast. She had 47 ongoing Wordpress maintenance clients with no business systems or organization in place.

She knew she had to do something to organize her business quickly or the success she was suddenly experiencing wouldn't last and she'd lose clients.

Rena joined my course, Organize & Automate, so she could streamline her business in the best and fastest way possible. And guys, her results are incredible!

  • She has freed up two hours every day.

  • She’s way less stressed and much easier for her husband to be around.

  • She’s producing a better level of design work

  • Her clients LOVE her process.

Here’s what makes me even happier about her results: she was hesitant about joining my course. She’d taken lots of courses in the past and never finished them. Yet she finished Organize & Automate and it completely changed her business.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Interview Breakdown

00:32 - What made Rena realize she needed to organize her business.

01:15 - The amazing benefits she’s experienced.

01:38 - Managing 47 ongoing clients.

02:22 - Rena hesitated joining Organize & Automate because she has invested in courses before that she didn’t enjoy or didn’t finish.

04:05 - Organizing her business has freed up 2 hours a day.

06:27 - Rena was surprised how easy it was to organize her business.

08:08 - How Rena’s clients reacted to her new project process.

09:15 - Out of the 12 courses Rena has taken, this is the only one she has completed.

Think her results were awesome? It doesn’t stop there. Here’s what she said a week after our call…

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.47.43 AM.png

Organize your web or graphic design business in just two weeks

  • 2 hours spare each day.

  • Clients are becoming referral machines.

  • Double the income in half the hours.

These are just some of the results my Organize & Automate students have had, and you can have them too.