A Simple Plan to Make a Million Dollars Selling Services

A Simple Plan to Make a Million Dollars Selling Services

Is it possible to make 1 million dollars selling creative services online? Without crazy course launches or passive income being the main focus of your business?

We hear about this kind of income but mainly from online businesses that sell digital products, NOT creative services like design or photography.

So in this episode I chat with Kelsey Kerslake, the founder and creative director of branding agency Pinegate Road, and we chat ALLLLL about the business model that she discovered could get her agency to a million dollars just selling services.

And guess what? It’s pretty simple! Have a listen and if you enjoy this episode, I’d love it if you’d share it on your Instagram stories and tag me @neshawoolery. I loooove hearing your thoughts on these episodes because it helps me know what kind of content you enjoy! Now, enjoy the interview.

Behind the Scenes of My 3 Day Workweek

Behind the Scenes of My 3 Day Workweek

I have a secret that, when revealed on my Instagram Story a while ago, blew peoples mind.

Ready for it?!

I only work 3 days a week.

Yep! But here’s where it gets interesting…

I make more money working 3 days a week than when I worked 5 days a week.

If you’re curious how I made that happen, listen to this episode using the player above or read this episode below!

We’ll cover exactly how I made sure my profits went up even though my work hours went down, how you can do the same thing, the planners I use to help me be super productive on the days I do work, and so much more. 

Simplify Your Business To Maximize Your Income

Simplify Your Business To Maximize Your Income

I’m SOOO excited to release the first episode of my brand new podcast, The Simple Business Show. So today, I want to tell you what this podcast will be about and how it can help you.

Today I’ll be diving in to why you don’t need to intensely hustle to build your dream business, and how building it can be simpler than you think.

I started this podcast to provide solopreneurs (like you!) with a place where you can get uncomplicated, simple business advice. 

Because let’s face it, you want to do more of the creative work you love and less of the business-y stuff you don’t.

  • Managing rude clients gives you anxiety, you spend 2 hours just typing and retyping your reply, right? 

  • Organizing your business feels boring, complicated and seems to take you forever. 

  • And marketing just feels gross. You literally have noooo idea what to do with that. You just kinda… do good work and hope referrals will come in.

I remember doing the same thing when I started my first business, a graphic design business, in 2012. In fact, I felt confused by the business side for a few years!

I remember feeling like I had no clue what i was doing. Not with the legal stuff. Accounting. Taxes. Organizing my business. Marketing. I had no clue what I was doing, I just had a creative skill, a passion, that I wanted to turn into a full-time income so I could leave my soul-sucking day job selling mens underwear in a shop and design gorgeous graphics all day. 

I had no idea that I’d actually spend so much time on admin, business management and marketing. That I couldn’t just do creative work all day. 

Luckily, I ended up falling in love with the business side of things. Even more than the creative side! 

But it took a LOT of hustle, plenty of mistakes and THOUSANDS of hours to build a successful business.

And the irony is that I experienced the most growth when I simplified my business and did less, not when I hustled my butt of and tried All The Things to grow.