The Truth About Mental Health & Entrepreneurship

The Truth About Mental Health & Entrepreneurship

How do our businesses affect our mental health? That's what we're discussing in today's episode with design agency owner Amy Cox-Tennant.

When Amy went from her day job to being her own boss and suddenly found herself without order, systems, processes or anyone telling her what to do, she didn't find it liberating. She found it overwhelming.

Her struggles grew so difficult that one day, someone found her crying under her desk in her co-working space.

In this episode, Amy shares the vulnerable and honest story of her mental health crisis, the tools, mindset and practices that helped her overcome it, and how YOU can bring more inner calm to your life and online business.

How to Balance Motherhood & Travel with Running an Online Business

How to Balance Motherhood & Travel with Running an Online Business

It’s hard balancing motherhood and running an online business at the same time.

If your child is young, you may find yourself having to squeeze in one or two hours of work each day while your baby is asleep and you’re meant to be sleeping too.

If your child is a little older, you may find yourself putting them in daycare a couple of days a week so you can work in peace (but getting chastised from family members who think you shouldn’t put your child in daycare because you “work from home.”)

Sound familiar?

Today’s guest, Alarice Stuart, is the owner of a design studio called Brand Babes Studio. She’s also a single parent to a toddler, a podcast host, and a regular traveler.

In this episode and article, she shares:

  • Why she believes work/life balance is a myth

  • Her top 3 tips for avoiding burnout

  • How to make time for your passions even when you’re busy being a mum and running a business

  • Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about putting your child in daycare while you work

Click “play” on the podcast player at the top of this post (or read on) to learn how she does it all!

A Simple Plan to Make a Million Dollars Selling Services

A Simple Plan to Make a Million Dollars Selling Services

Is it possible to make 1 million dollars selling creative services online? Without crazy course launches or passive income being the main focus of your business?

We hear about this kind of income but mainly from online businesses that sell digital products, NOT creative services like design or photography.

So in this episode I chat with Kelsey Kerslake, the founder and creative director of branding agency Pinegate Road, and we chat ALLLLL about the business model that she discovered could get her agency to a million dollars just selling services.

And guess what? It’s pretty simple! Have a listen and if you enjoy this episode, I’d love it if you’d share it on your Instagram stories and tag me @neshawoolery. I loooove hearing your thoughts on these episodes because it helps me know what kind of content you enjoy! Now, enjoy the interview.

5 Ways To Find Your Next Design Client

5 Ways To Find Your Next Design Client

This month, I talked with special guest, Morgan Rapp, the freelance brand and web designer behind October Ink. Morgan has been a full-time freelance designer for eight years and she designs for amazing clients like Caitlin Bacher. 

She's a pro at generating referrals to keep her schedule fully booked, and she's here in today's masterclass to teach you how to do the same.

How To Niche Your Graphic Design Business

How To Niche Your Graphic Design Business

Have you ever thought about niching your design business? When done right, it's a great way to stand out from other graphic designers and win more clients.

The problem is, it's pretty scary! Saying no to most people in order to say yes to a few is daunting, to say the least.

But it can be life-changing for your business.

In this masterclass, I talk with special guest, Devan Danielle, about how to choose a niche for your design business. Watch the video below or continue reading to learn WHY you need a niche, how to find it, and how niching has done wonders for both of our businesses.