It's Hard to Make Six Figures Without Doing This First


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What if you need to make six figures to live the lifestyle you crave? Maybe you want to retire your husband from his soul-sucking day job? Take the vacations you want? And just feel safe and secure?

I want to tell you it is totally achievable. You have GOT this.

But here's the thing:

You can't make six figures without organizing your business first. In fact, if by some miracle you DO, you'll be wishing you hadn't.

Here's why.

To make six figures from your service-based business, you'll need to do one of these two things:

  1. Raise your pricing

  2. Take on more clients

Either way, you need streamlined, simple business systems and processes to pull it off without driving yourself mad or disappointing your high-paying clients.

Let’s start by discussing charging premium prices.

If you want to charge premium prices, (eg. 12 x $8k for your service = about $100k), then you'll need to provide a premium client experience. Your client process needs to be smooth, simple and efficient from the moment a potential client reaches out to the moment you part ways.

If you're...

  • Managing your projects through back and forth emails.

  • Always losing files and feedback or forgetting parts of your process.

  • Ending the project without providing ongoing support.

  • Forgetting to follow up and check in with your client.

... You're not qualified to charge premium prices.

A premium price should come with TOP quality customer service. You wouldn't be happy if you bought a Vera Wang wedding dress but you were treated like you'd bought a high street knockoff, would you? The same thought applies to your business.

You’re going to end up with very disappointed clients if you charge top dollar but your process is messy and amateurish.

I know I personally have put up with a messy process from freelancers who were low priced, because that’s what I expect. But when I pay thousands? I don’t just expect a great final product. I expect professionalism - and that is measured by only 3 things in your clients mind: your processes, organization and customer service. 

Maybe you're reading this and thinking... "My target market won't pay premium prices but I still want to reach six figures, Nesha!!"

Then girl, I've got you. Instead of charging premium prices, you'll need to take on more projects. (Eg. Let’s say 50 website copywriting clients x $2k = $100k.)

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