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[Free Workshop] My 10 Step Plan to Organize Your Service-Based Business - Even If You Have No Time!

[Free Workshop] My 10 Step Plan to Organize Your Service-Based Business - Even If You Have No Time!

Do you ever feel like you’re working your butt off to build your business but barely getting anywhere and just feeling overwhelmed?

> You get up early to work and don’t finish until late in the evening.

> Your to-do list never seems to get shorter (even though you work so freakin’ much!)

> You’re not only in charge of your client work. You’re also the social media marketer, bookkeeper, inbox manager, blogger, copywriter and designer... It’s a lot of work for one person to handle!

> You’re worried your lack of organization makes your clients think you’re unprofessional but you just don’t have time to get organized.

I used to struggle with this too.

I used to work 60+ hours a week and only make the equivalent of minimum wage for my efforts.

I was sacrificing everything for my business: my mental health, family time, and my happiness.

The silly thing was that I told myself I was “too busy” to do anything about it. That this was just the cost of being my own boss.

But then I realized something…

1 Unexpected Way To Double Your Web Or Graphic Design Income

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I want to…

  • Double my income

  • Pay off my debt

  • Make six figures

But to do that, I’ll have to…

  • Take on more clients (and I can’t handle any more right now.)

  • Start selling a digital product (and I don’t have time to create and market that right now.)

  • Try yet another complicated marketing strategy that makes my stomach hurt.

Have YOU felt this way? Like you want to make more money but it’s too hard? You don’t have the time? And you don’t want to try new marketing strategies because marketing makes you feel icky?

I want you to know you DON’T have to try any new marketing strategies. In fact, doubling your income or getting any of the results I mentioned above is simpler than you think!

Watch the video below or continue reading to learn 1 unexpected (and overlooked!) way to double your web or graphic design income.

Organizing your business could actually double your income, which is something that nobody realizes. Organizing your business seems like such a boring task to do and something that isn't very important on your to do list, but it can actually have incredible effects for your income, as many of my Organize & Automate students will tell you.

Most designers put off organizing their business because they think that they don't have enough time to do it. But it's actually because it's not an important enough task to you yet. You don't see the true value in organizing your business. You see client work, marketing, and growing your income as more important.

And all of those things are incredibly important.

But what if I told you that organizing your business could help you get more of those things, more time and more income?

Once you hear these three ways that organizing your business can double your income, it'll take on a whole new level of importance to you.

01: Being organized frees up time. Time you can use to create other income streams, instead of only selling design services.

One of my students, Rena, freed up two hours every day, which is 10 hours a week and 40 hours a month.

Can you imagine what you could do with 40 extra hours per month?

You could spend that time launching a course, writing and selling an ebook, or starting up a coaching service!

When I organized my design business, I finally had the time to launch a course that has now helped over 650 designers and has made me six figures. If I hadn't organized my business, I would never have had the time to make that course happen.

So, what do you want to launch? Tell me in a comment below!

02: When you're organized you can take on more than one client without overwhelm.

Let's say that you only have the capacity to take on one client at a time right now without feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burned out. But then you organize your business so that now you have the capacity to take on two clients at a time without the overwhelm.

That now doubles your income.

One of my students, Erin, did this because she found out she was pregnant, her sister was hospitalized, her husband lost his job, and she was already super stressed out with her work load. Now she had become the sole earner in the family, she couldn't quit her business like she'd been thinking of doing. She needed to step up and earn more without so much stress and so much overwhelm. She organized her business so that she could take on more than one client at a time without overwhelm, and she doubled her income.

I want you to pause right now and think to yourself, "What could I do if I doubled my income? Would that maybe help me to afford my dream house, more family vacations? Would it go towards my wedding? Would it simply go into my savings account to make me feel more secure, or could I pay off my student debt?"

Think what you could do if you doubled your income, and then think back to this article and I want you to realize that it doesn't take some really complicated marketing strategy to increase your income. You could increase that income just by getting organized.

03. Being organized = more repeat work and referrals.

Clients see being organized as being professional. It's not enough anymore just to provide good designs to your clients. They will remember the experience that you give them, the process you take them through, and the way that you treat them way more than the design that you created for them. And that could be the difference between them hiring you again in the future or looking elsewhere.

I'll give you a real life example of this. Ages ago I hired a virtual assistant on a temporary trial. When we talked on Zoom she was great, her site was great, her testimonials were great. But, when we started working together she was pretty unorganized and I had to keep reminding her of certain parts of the process that she had forgotten. As much as she was a fantastic person, her forgetfulness led me to not wanting to work with her after her trial had finished.

Do you see where I'm coming from with this one? It was frustrating. Her lack of organization caused me to doubt her, and it caused me to not trust her abilities and her skills. Great person, don't get me wrong, but I couldn't continue to work with her. And I don't want you to be that person for your clients. I want you to show your clients how organized you are, and that will translate into you seeming professional, reliable, trustworthy, and worthy of those clients working with you again, and referring their friends and family to you.

If you would like to organize your web or graphic design business but you simply don't know where to start, I would suggest starting with a project management tool with your clients. It's a secure page online where you and your clients can communicate, create to do lists, share files and feedback, assign tasks, and set reminders. It's way more impressive and effective than handling your projects through back and forth emails.

If you want to learn how to use a project management tool, I have a free course that will teach you how to use my favorite free PM tool. Just sign up below!

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My 10 Biggest Business Mistakes (& What YOU Can Learn)

My 10 Biggest Business Mistakes (& What YOU Can Learn)

Too many of us are only showing the best parts of running a business. While watching people’s success online can be inspiring and motivational, it can also make people feel like everyone but them has got their crap together. It can make creatives believe everyone else’s life and business is perfect, but that is never the case. Behind every business owner's success is a trail of mistakes and failures they made along the way. 

Don't Fire Your Nightmare Web Design Client. Do This Instead.

Don't Fire Your Nightmare Web Design Client. Do This Instead.

Are you’re struggling to handle a difficult web or graphic design client right now?

Maybe you’re so frustrated you want to end the project. You want to fire your bad client.

Before you do, there’s something you need to know: the problem might be you, not your client.

In this video, i’ll explain why!  

How To Juggle Multiple Clients Without Getting Overwhelmed

Coral (27).png

Rena McDaniel's web design and maintenance business grew fast. She had 47 ongoing Wordpress maintenance clients with no business systems or organization in place.

She knew she had to do something to organize her business quickly or the success she was suddenly experiencing wouldn't last and she'd lose clients.

Rena joined my course, Organize & Automate, so she could streamline her business in the best and fastest way possible. And guys, her results are incredible!

  • She has freed up two hours every day.

  • She’s way less stressed and much easier for her husband to be around.

  • She’s producing a better level of design work

  • Her clients LOVE her process.

Here’s what makes me even happier about her results: she was hesitant about joining my course. She’d taken lots of courses in the past and never finished them. Yet she finished Organize & Automate and it completely changed her business.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Interview Breakdown

00:32 - What made Rena realize she needed to organize her business.

01:15 - The amazing benefits she’s experienced.

01:38 - Managing 47 ongoing clients.

02:22 - Rena hesitated joining Organize & Automate because she has invested in courses before that she didn’t enjoy or didn’t finish.

04:05 - Organizing her business has freed up 2 hours a day.

06:27 - Rena was surprised how easy it was to organize her business.

08:08 - How Rena’s clients reacted to her new project process.

09:15 - Out of the 12 courses Rena has taken, this is the only one she has completed.

Think her results were awesome? It doesn’t stop there. Here’s what she said a week after our call…

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.47.43 AM.png

Organize your web or graphic design business in just two weeks

  • 2 hours spare each day.

  • Clients are becoming referral machines.

  • Double the income in half the hours.

These are just some of the results my Organize & Automate students have had, and you can have them too.