I'm Just Starting My Business - Is Organizing It Really a Priority?


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If you’re NEW to business and you’ve heard me talking about the importance of organizing your business a lot, you may be thinking… 

“I’m at the beginning stage of my business Nesha… I’m not sure if organizing it should be a priority right now.”

Do you feel this way?

Maybe you just want to focus on marketing and finding clients and so you can actually make some money from your baby business.

Maybe you’re still holding down your day job and trying to build your business on the side… so you prioritize setting up a website, going to networking events, and posting to your new business Instagram account in the hopes that someone will hire you.  

Or maybe you’re on a strict budget and believe you don’t have much money - if any at all - to invest in your business tools and systems.

In this episode, I’m going to show you why you SHOULD make organizing your business a priority even if you’re just starting out and don’t have much money to invest in your business, and how organizing your business can bring in clients and DOUBLE your income.

Yep. Organizing your business can grow your income. It does not just serve the purpose of helping you eliminate stress in your business.

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1. Organize your business when you’re starting out… because you won’t have time you’re booked and busy!

I remember starting my own business and feeling scared and confused about what to invest my time and my money in, worried that I would invest in the wrong thing.

So trust me when I say that I completely understand the fear that you may be feeling right now over what you should prioritize doing to get your business off the ground.

The thing that I see a lot of new solopreneurs doing is waiting until they are busy with client work before they organize their business.

But the flaw with that plan is that you will not have the time.

I know because I did the exact same thing and here is what happened: I became busier and busier with client work and then overwhelm grew and I began feeling stressed out, burned out and resenting the business that I had once had so much joy and passion for.

2. Organize your business when you’re starting out… so you can turn your first clients into referral machines!

Not only will you not have time to organize your business when you're busy, but you will be missing out on thousands of dollars because of the referrals and repeat work your clients will NOT send your way if you are giving them a messy, amateurish process.

This is the number one reason why you should not wait until you've grown your business before organizing it. Because even though you may produce high-quality work for your clients, if you still have an amateurish process that you take them through, you won't get referrals.

Let’s look at a little example of this!

Providing good quality work through a poor quality client experience does not bring in repeat work or referrals.

High-quality work AND a high-quality client experience = shed loads of referrals and repeat work.

And the only way to create that high-quality client experience is to organize your business, set up impressive processes to take your clients through, and start using tools that will make the process of working with you a delight for them.

Do all of this at the start of your business so that you can impress your clients right from the very beginning and bring in referrals!

Trust me, referrals will be the FUEL that keeps your service-based business alive and thriving.

According to Ambassador, 82% of Americans say they seek recommendations from friends and family before they buy.

According to Nielsen, people are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend yet only 22 percent of businesses have a system in place to effectively generate more referrals.

This means that most of your potential clients out there would rather ask their friends who they recommend instead of spending hours looking for someone online and then taking a gamble by working with them and just hoping for the best.

That means that if they find you in Pinterest vs their friend recommends someone to them, they’ll most likely choose the person their friend recommended.

You can start getting referrals and repeat work right as soon as you start your business by organizing your business as soon as you start it.

Then you'll reap the benefits (AKA referrals and repeat work) way sooner and this will help you grow your business faster.

More From This Episode

There’s MORE to this episode! Learn why you shouldn’t raise your prices if you don’t also raise the quality of your client experience, why potential clients have been ghosting on you, and more! Click “Play” on the player below to listen to the rest of this episode.

Episode Highlights

04:35 - Fears of being a new business owner

05:20 - Why you should NOT wait until you book more clients to organize your business

06:20 - The no.1 reason why your clients aren’t sending referrals your way

09:21 Why you should focus on generating referrals more than ANY other marketing strategy

14:08 - You can’t raise your prices and give your clients the same amateurish process

16:30 - Starting a business is hard enough without adding the stress or an unorganized business to your plate

17:26 - Potential clients have contacted you and ghosted you because your onboarding process is a mess

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