How To Cut Down On Endless Revisions

How To Cut Down On Endless Revisions

As freelance web and graphic designers, it’s our job to listen to client feedback and complete revisions, ‘aka, design changes so the client is happier.

But sometimes, clients can take advantage of that. It can be on purpose, but often not.

What happens is clients request more revisions and they ask for one tiny favour then another. Before you know it, your project is weeks over deadline and you’ve put in HOURS more than you thought. Hours you haven’t been paid for.

Watch the video below or read on to learn the five key ways you can control scope creep and cut down on revisions.

How To Set A Freelance Income Goal

How To Set A Freelance Income Goal

Have you ever asked yourself, “how much money should I be making?”

Or, have you ever compared your income to another designer?

After you did, you may have...

  • Gasped with shock because the designer you compared yourself to was making x3 what you make.
  • Poured yourself a glass of wine because your business suddenly didn’t seem as successful as you thought it was.

We shouldn’t compare our income to others but we do because it can make us feel good about ourselves - IF the other person seems to be ‘less successful’ than we are.

3 Income Plan Mistakes To Avoid

3 Income Plan Mistakes To Avoid

The thought of creating an income plan fills most freelancers with dread.


It’s usually because:

  • They tried creating a plan in the past but they couldn’t stick to it.
  • They tried creating a plan but they never used it. It just sat gathering dust on their laptop.
  • The thought of planning anything just seems booooring.

If you’ve struggled to stick to your income goals and plan in the past, I’m going to explain where you went wrong in today’s post.

4 Things That Really Frustrate Clients Who Work with Designers

4 Things That Really Frustrate Clients Who Work with Designers

This week, Kathryn from Savve is taking over the blog to talk about four frustrations clients have with their designers. When I saw what Kathryn wanted to write about, I said a big, fat YES. This is something the design community needs to talk about. 

Sometimes, projects don't go wrong because it's the fault of your clients. Sometimes, it's your fault. But there are things you can do to avoid frustrating your clients. 

Kathryn, take it away!


Do you ever wish your clients were easier to work with? Do you sometimes get frustrated that they just don’t get it? I do, and I’m betting you do too.

Although I now build websites for clients, not too long ago I used to be a client. And although I like to think I was a pleasure to work with, it’s more likely that I used to frustrate the designers I worked with on a pretty regular basis. 

I worked as a marketer for more than 15 years. In that time, I worked with agencies and freelancers, with designers who were incredibly gifted and some that were decidedly average. 

I want to share with you four things that I found really frustrate clients when they work with designers.