Map Out Your Step-By-Step Design Process

Map Out Your Step-By-Step Design Process

Designers- are you stumbling through your design process? Have you mapped out your process on paper (or onscreen), or have you never bothered to because you don't have time?

Here's the danger with having a process in your mind and not writing it down:

You forget things.

That email signature that's part of your design package? You totally forget it until the client points out that you haven't done it yet.

That logo that only includes two revision rounds? You complete four revision rounds without realizing because you don't tick them off as you go through them.

That training session you're meant to offer clients at the end of your project? You're left feeling stupidly unprofessional because your client had to remind you of it.

How To Go From Side Hustler To Full-Time Freelancer

How To Go From Side Hustler To Full-Time Freelancer

Most new freelancers tend to jump right into client work without setting up systems or clear processes for their clients. They think they'll just figure it out as they go.

Here's the problem: As they take on more clients, they raise their prices. They see what other freelancers are charging and somehow feel entitled to earn the same amount. 

You CAN'T raise your prices and deliver a beautiful design through a crappy process.

Your pricing doesn't just account for your skills, designs and time. It accounts for the experience the client gets.

5 reasons why all freelancers should use a project management tool

5 reasons why all freelancers should use a project management tool

You've probably put off using a project management tool because you don't know what they are or you haven't had time to figure out how to use one.

Don't worry, when I first heard the PM word my heart sank at the prospect of having to learn how to use yet another tool. I feel your pain, but stick with me. Your PM tool will become your MOST used and valuable business tool, so it's well worth investing a little time in.

In case you don't know, a project management tool/app is a safe, secure space online where you and your clients can keep all files and conversations. Inside your PM tool you can create tasks, to-do lists, deadlines and discussions.

If you've just started freelancing, I'm guessing that using a PM tool hasn't been high on your to do list. You've probably been experimenting with invoicing tools, bookkeeping tools and social media management tools instead, right?

Even though those tools are awesome and you're on the right track, you should have started using a project management tool as soon as you started working with clients.

I'd go as far as saying that a PM tool is the most valuable tool you'll use in your business, and it's never too soon or too late to start using one!

I can think of a million reasons why you should use a project management tool but today I'm going to share just five.

How Britt started to wow her clients after enrolling in Organize & Automate

How Britt started to wow her clients after enrolling in Organize & Automate

Britt is the lovely brand and website designer behind Branded By Britt.

She's taking over my blog today to tell you about her journey from Etsy shop owner to full-time freelance designer, and how Organize & Automate helped her get there. 

Last month, I had Holly Meyer (one of my other O&A students) on the blog to tell you about her experience. Holly is an established designer with years of experience who still learned a TON from Organize & Automate, whereas Britt is a new business owner who used O&A to help set up her design business the right way. I'm super excited to have Britt tell you her story! 

There are thousands of new or aspiring freelance designers out there who start their business without any systems in place and pay severe consequences for it. 

When you start out without any systems or guidance, business growth is slow and difficult. But when you take the time to invest in your business and learn from established designers before you even start your own business, you start out more professionally and your business has a higher chance of succeeding. 

Read on to learn how Britt used Organize & Automate to kickstart her business!

4 Things That Really Frustrate Clients Who Work with Designers

4 Things That Really Frustrate Clients Who Work with Designers

This week, Kathryn from Savve is taking over the blog to talk about four frustrations clients have with their designers. When I saw what Kathryn wanted to write about, I said a big, fat YES. This is something the design community needs to talk about. 

Sometimes, projects don't go wrong because it's the fault of your clients. Sometimes, it's your fault. But there are things you can do to avoid frustrating your clients. 

Kathryn, take it away!


Do you ever wish your clients were easier to work with? Do you sometimes get frustrated that they just don’t get it? I do, and I’m betting you do too.

Although I now build websites for clients, not too long ago I used to be a client. And although I like to think I was a pleasure to work with, it’s more likely that I used to frustrate the designers I worked with on a pretty regular basis. 

I worked as a marketer for more than 15 years. In that time, I worked with agencies and freelancers, with designers who were incredibly gifted and some that were decidedly average. 

I want to share with you four things that I found really frustrate clients when they work with designers.