Why Freelancing Almost Broke Me

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Let's rewind 6 years ago. I was a year into my design business, things had finally picked up and I was fully booked. It was great! But it was also OVERWHELMING.

I had never taken on more than one client at a time until then. My idea of project management was back-and-forth emails, my work days went into the evenings and weekends, and my social life had pretty much disappeared.

My friend once said to me ‘we never see each other anymore’.

Here was my problem:

I knew that setting up systems to organize my client process would speed up my projects and free up my time, but I thought I didn't have TIME to set up systems.

I carried on slaving away at my business like that until one day, I'd had enough. I couldn't go on. I rang my mom, crying, saying I can’t do this anymore. Being a business owner is not for me.

Here's the thing: that's what happens when you have NO systems, NO processes and NO automations in place. It stresses you out. It makes you so overwhelmed, you forget why you even started your business.

Eventually you burn out and quit.

Thankfully I pulled myself together and organized my client process.

I went from working all day every day, including evenings and weekends, earning £1500 a month. To working 3 days a week, having £9k months.

You can too!

That’s why I created my FREE 5-day client process cleanse, so you can stop stressing, get back to loving your work AND start wowing your clients. 


  • You always get feedback and files on time
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I truly believe that the key to less stress AND more clients is an organized client process. I can't wait to see you in the challenge!


Nesha Woolery

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