How To Get Web Design Clients When You Hate Marketing

How to nurture client relationships & make your clients feel heard and understood| Interview with Phyllis Sa & Nesha Woolery

Today I'm really excited to share this interview with Phyllis Sa, a brand and web designer for small businesses, organisations and creative individuals.

When Phyllis moved to San Diego, she wasn't quite sure what she wanted to do with her design career. So she decided to start freelancing and then became a creative entrepreneur, which she has found incredibly liberating.

Listen to her story below!



Interview Breakdown

03:00: The difference between a freelancer and an entrepreneur
04:14: Nurturing client relationships
05:10: Working with clients in different timezones and making yourself accessible
05:58: Exceeding client expectations and going the extra mile
07:40: Taking your ego out of your work
08:10: Being a generalist and NOT choosing a niche for your design business
09:30: Being defensive about your work
10:30: Handling revision rounds and putting a deadline on revisions
11:50: Scheduling revisions to fall on the same days in every project
11:34: The results Phyllis has seen from nurturing her clients
14:50: How to get clients if you're not comfortable with marketing
15:50: Make it easy for clients to re-book you
17:50: Phyllis's top three tips for wowing your clients

Phyllis' Bio:

I create beautifully holistic brand and website experiences for amazing small businesses, organizations, and creative individuals, right here in sunny San Diego, California.

When I'm not designing things, I'm enjoying being a mom of two awesome little girls, catching on my favorite TV shows, and feeding my very unhealthy daily Starbucks habit.

Discussing the complex yet fulfilling intersection of work, motherhood, and pursuing your inner creativity + dreams is a personal passion of mine."

Visit Phyllis's website here and follow her on Instagram here. 

Check out Phyllis's blog for freelancers, The Quiet Creative.

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