Hey designer! Do you need a mentor?

Google can only help you so much. Sometimes, you need to talk to a real human who has been in the same position as you and has the experience you lack.

That's where I come in.

I've been a full-time freelance graphic designer for four years. Before that, I freelanced on the side for a couple of years while I held down a day job.

I know how exciting, fulfilling and scary it is to quit your boring day job and fulfill your dream of freelancing.

I know how stressful it feels to barely make ends meet when you're trying to accomplish that dream.

I also know how exhilarating it is to finally come out on top- to actually succeed at this freelancing thing.

My job is to listen to your freelance worries, struggles and goals and provide you with actionable advice to help get your business where you want it to go. 

"I continue to be impressed with the content and knowledge Nesha spreads to aspiring freelancers. Her tips and advice are always on point and she delivers information in an easy-to-digest manner! Nesha is just the kind of business mentor any freelancer is in need of when paving their own path in the world!" - Alyssa Barilar

This is for you if...

  • You're tired of one-size-fits-all strategies and need personalized advice.
  • You're ready for more growth, profit and fulfillment from your web or graphic design business. 
  • You need accountability and guidance.

What's included:

  • 60 minute consultation via Skype. 
  • A recording of the conversation, so you can re-listen to it if you need to. 
  • 3 actionable steps I think you should prioritize in order to move forward. 
  • 30 minute follow-up session after 30 days. 

Here's what we can do together

I'm here to help you with anything you're struggling with or any goal you're trying to reach, whether that's launching your freelance business, raising your prices, finding clients or something else. My brain is yours to pick. Two minds are better than one. Together, we'll find a solution to your problem or a path to your goal. 

"Nesha is brilliant. She’s always on hand to give spot-on advice that's simple and easy to understand. She's one of a few people I would definitely turn to for business/freelance advice!" - Krishna Solanki

Frequently asked questions

How does payment work? 100% of your payment is due upfront. When you go to the checkout by clicking the button below, you can make your payment securely through card, Paypal or Stripe.

Are refunds available? Due to the nature of this service, refunds are not available. 

What happens after I click the buy button? You'll go through the checkout, then you'll receive an email with a link to my calendar. Click on the link and choose the best time for your session. You'll then receive an email confirmation, and you'll get an email reminder nearer to the date.

"I've handled a very scary client situation early this year with Nesha's advice and it went so well that the way I handled it actually won me other clients! The confidence I now have is definitely a result of Nesha's wise words" - Kayleigh Hall

Your investment? £100 / $147

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