How To Juggle Multiple Clients Without Getting Overwhelmed

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Rena McDaniel's web design and maintenance business grew fast. She had 47 ongoing Wordpress maintenance clients with no business systems or organization in place.

She knew she had to do something to organize her business quickly or the success she was suddenly experiencing wouldn't last and she'd lose clients.

Rena joined my course, Organize & Automate, so she could streamline her business in the best and fastest way possible. And guys, her results are incredible!

  • She has freed up 10 hours every week.

  • She’s way less stressed and much easier for her husband to be around.

  • She’s producing a better level of design work

  • Her clients LOVE her process.

Here’s what makes me even happier about her results: she was hesitant about joining my course. She’d taken lots of courses in the past and never finished them. Yet she finished Organize & Automate and it completely changed her business.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Interview Breakdown

00:32 - What made Rena realize she needed to organize her business.

01:15 - The amazing benefits she’s experienced.

01:38 - Managing 47 ongoing clients.

02:22 - Rena hesitated joining Organize & Automate because she has invested in courses before that she didn’t enjoy or didn’t finish.

04:05 - Organizing her business has freed up 2 hours a day.

06:27 - Rena was surprised how easy it was to organize her business.

08:08 - How Rena’s clients reacted to her new project process.

09:15 - Out of the 12 courses Rena has taken, this is the only one she has completed.

Think her results were awesome? It doesn’t stop there. Here’s what she said a week after our call…

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Organize your online service-based business and you could also experience…

  • 10 hours of your time back each week.

  • Clients becoming referral machines.

  • Double the income in half the hours.

[GASP] Can you really work less and profit more?

Yup. And I’ll show you how my students and I have done it in my masterclass, “10 Steps to Go from Overwhelmed to Organized”

In this free training, you’ll learn:

  • The 10-step process that helped me stop stressing, work LESS hours but earn an additional $200k.

  • 3 unexpected ways to grow your income without trying any new marketing strategies.

  • How I helped a solopreneur double her income just by organizing her business.

  • The top 3 mistakes you must avoid if you want to streamline your business FAST.

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