How To Make An Unforgettable Impression With Your Website Copy

How to make an unforgettable impression with your website copy | Interview with kayla hollatz on

Today I'm really excited to share this interview with Kayla Hollatz, a copywriter and brand strategist who loves nothing more than crafting brand stories with soul.

Copy is an incredibly important part of the designing process. In this chat with Kayla, we cover some of the basics before you even write a word of your copy, along with more advanced strategies to help you make an unforgettable expression with your website copy.

Watch the full interview below!

Interview Breakdown

4 things you should have BEFORE writing your website copy (6:50)
Defining your purpose/why (7:18)
Defining your core values (9:47)
Figuring out who your ideal client is (12:35)
Writing your mission statement (17:25)
What you should include on your services page (21:44)
How to include keywords in your website copy (31:25)
Writing opt-in headers that aren’t sleazy (34:17)
Designers: which page should your design process outline go on? (37:07)
How to find your brand voice (45:35 )
How to avoid being too influenced by other people’s brand voices (49:55)
PLUS we answer lots of viewers questions on copywriting!

Kayla's Bio

Kayla is a copywriter and brand strategist from Minneapolis, Minnesota who loves nothing more than crafting brand stories with soul. Except for maybe peppermint hot chocolate... we’ll call it a tie.

She helps creative entrepreneurs make a real impact by tailoring their words to better highlight their brand story through copywriting, brand strategy, and content creation.

She’s equally passionate about educating small business owners on copywriting and brand strategy through her actionable blog content, insightful mailing list, and on-demand brand classes.

Whether you need an experienced writer to help you define your brand voice and bring it to life on your website, or a trusted partner to help you revive your social media and content marketing strategy, she’s here to support you, dig in, and get to work.

Resources Mentioned

Want to find out what your brand voice is? Take Kayla’s Brand Voice quiz by clicking here!

Don’t want to write your own website copy? Hire Kayla to do it for you. You can learn all about her services here.


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