How Britt started to wow her clients after enrolling in Organize & Automate

Britt is the lovely brand and website designer behind Branded By Britt. She's taking over my blog to tell you about her journey from Etsy shop owner to full-time freelance designer, and how Organize & Automate helped her get there. Click on this pin to find out how she did it. #Freelance, #Streamlining & Automating, #Designer, #Tips, #Inspiration

Britt is the lovely brand and website designer behind Branded By Britt.

She's taking over my blog today to tell you about her journey from Etsy shop owner to full-time freelance designer, and how Organize & Automate helped her get there. 

Last month, I had Holly Meyer (one of my other O&A students) on the blog to tell you about her experience. Holly is an established designer with years of experience who still learned a TON from Organize & Automate, whereas Britt is a new business owner who used O&A to help set up her design business the right way. I'm super excited to have Britt tell you her story! 

There are thousands of new or aspiring freelance designers out there who start their business without any systems in place and pay severe consequences for it. 

When you start out without any systems or guidance, business growth is slow and difficult. But when you take the time to invest in your business and learn from established designers before you even start your own business, you start out more professionally and your business has a higher chance of succeeding. 

Read on to learn how Britt used Organize & Automate to kickstart her business!

Britt, tell us about you and your business! 

I’m Brittney, the designer behind Branded by Britt, and I provide branding and web design services for bloggers and creative business owners. 

About two years ago, I started an Etsy shop where I offered pre-made branding materials such as logos and graphics for blogs. I also had a online portfolio where I showcased my recent freelance projects. It was just a creative outlet for me at the time and a way for me to build my portfolio as I looked for a job after college. 

Fortunately over the next couple of years, I was able to land several jobs working for magazines, ad agencies, and even as a web designer for the Air Force! However, I found myself sitting at my desk day-dreaming about being back at home creating new designs or coding new websites.

As more orders came in to my Etsy shop and successful projects were completed for clients, I realized how much joy it brought me to be able to work with small business owners helping them bring their vision to life and establish a strong online presence.

While I had a nice paycheck coming in from these other jobs, none of them gave me the fulfillment that I needed. I felt like I was stuck. I knew it was possible to freelance full-time, but I didn’t feel fully prepared to take that step just yet.

Then one day on my lunch break, I stumbled upon a massive community of other freelancers who were doing exactly what they loved to do and actually making a living from it. This community included inspiring women (Hint: Nesha is one of them!) who were making it happen. I told myself, “I can totally make this happen. These ladies are PROOF that it’s possible.” And the best part? They were showing HOW it was possible through their blogs.

So needless to say, I was hooked. I spend the next 7 months researching, reading every blog post out there and learning about the potential for a creative business owner. I’d given up my lunch breaks to work on my business plan and gather every resource out there that was going to help me get started, including the Organize & Automate course. 

Then recently (as in two months ago), I put in my two weeks at my job, leaving the steady paycheck behind, and launched Branded by Britt. It was a bold move, but I knew there was a community and ton of resources out there that could help me make it happen. 

While I am still getting used to things, it has been such an amazing journey so far, and I want to show others that it’s possible for them as well.

A beautiful, strong brand and functional website are so essential for businesses, but some people may lack the design and coding skills needed to make it happen. Branded by Britt is where I provide branding and web design services helping creative entrepreneurs set the foundation for their business so they can focus on doing more of what they love.

What was your design process like before taking the course?

Just a week after launching, I booked my first IDEAL client. I was so excited to get started, but at the same time I just felt like there was so much to do still.

I really wanted to WOW this client, but my current design process was chaotic, unorganized and inconsistent. My version of project management was writing it down on a to-do list as I went and all communication was only done through email. It was a mess.

Now that I was taking my business seriously, I wanted people to take ME seriously, so I knew I needed to refine my design process and set systems in place before I moved forward with new clients. 

Did you have any hesitations before enrolling in O&A? What made you decide to enroll?

Since I was just starting out, I didn’t have much money to spend. I was already pulling from my personal savings, and I was unsure if this course would be worth investing in.

It wasn’t until I watched Nesha’s free webinar, which gave me a sneak peek into the modules, that I discovered the true value behind this course. Within the first 10 minutes she showed me things I hadn’t even heard of! I was so intrigued, and knew this was just what I needed to take my design process to the next level. 

What were the concrete results you achieved from taking O&A?

The name says it all. Organize & Automate has taught me how to organize and automate my entire design process. I’ve discovered so many new shortcuts, tools and new ways to work more efficiently and skillfully.

Not only have I developed a process that works perfectly for my business, but I’ve also gained the confidence to move forward and take on new clients without worrying about how to handle it all. 

Have you had any client feedback on your newly streamlined design process?

Every one of my clients have complimented me on how organized and professional everything is. I also believe it has built trust for my clients who are essentially putting their business into my hands. They feel more comfortable letting me take control because they see that I know what I’m doing. 

What was your favourite module in O&A?

This is really hard to choose because each one has really taught me something valuable, but I think my favorite would be the Project Management & Mapping Out Your Design Process module.

Now, I map out my design process using Asana, a project management tool. This has been a game-changer. Asana makes communication easy and my clients know exactly what to expect throughout the duration of the project.

What was your biggest takeaway from the course?

I’ve always done everything manually and on my own thinking it would make me seem more credible and reputable, but this course has shown me that it’s okay to take shortcuts. I don’t need to spend hours doing something when there are tools and resources that can help you get it done in minutes. Now I’m on a mission to automate everything.

How important do you think a streamlined design process is?

Starting my own freelance design business was scary mainly because I was unsure how I would manage it all. This course has made it easier and helped me see that the process doesn’t have to be complicated.

With a streamlined design process, you’ll have less headaches, clearer communication and more time to spend doing what you truly love to do. This course has truly changed my business for the better.

Britt Lopez is a student of my signature course, Organize & Automate, made to help brand + web designers streamline their design process so they can work faster and smarter, not harder.


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