How To Go From Side Hustler To Full-Time Freelancer

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A lot of people have been asking me if Organize & Automate is suitable for new designers, or people who WANT to start a design business but haven't yet.

I'm here today to say a big, fat yes. It's perfect for new designers, and here's why:

The one thing that makes me cringe about new freelance designers is that they tend to jump right into client work without setting up systems or clear processes for their clients. They think they'll just figure it out as they go.

Here's the problem: As they take on more clients, they raise their prices. But you CAN'T raise your prices and deliver a beautiful design through a crappy process. Your pricing doesn't just account for your skills, designs and time. It accounts for the experience the client gets.

Jo Whyte of Simply Whyte Designs went through Organize & Automate BEFORE starting her design business. She was overwhelmed with happy clients after implementing the course in her side business.

The course gave her such great results and such ecstatic clients, she was able to quit her day job and take her business full-time!

Listen to Jo’s experience by watching the video below.

That’s not all.
Here are MORE success stories from my students:

"Just a week after launching my business, I booked my first IDEAL client. I was so excited to get started, but at the same time I just felt like there was so much to do still.

I really wanted to WOW this client, but my current design process was chaotic, unorganized and inconsistent. My version of project management was writing it down on a to-do list as I went and all communication was only done through email. It was a mess.

Now that I was taking my business seriously, I wanted people to take ME seriously, so I knew I needed to refine my design process and set systems in place before I moved forward with new clients.

Since I was just starting out, I didn’t have much money to spend. I was already pulling from my personal savings, and I was unsure if Organize & Automate would be worth investing in.

It wasn’t until I watched Nesha’s free Streamline Your Design Process webinar, which gave me a sneak peek into the modules, that I discovered the true value behind this course. Within the first 10 minutes she showed me things I hadn’t even heard of! I was so intrigued, and knew this was just what I needed to take my design process to the next level.

The name says it all. Organize & Automate has taught me how to organize and automate my entire design process. I’ve discovered so many new shortcuts, tools and new ways to work more efficiently and skillfully!

Not only have I developed a process that works perfectly for my business, but I’ve also gained the confidence to move forward and take on new clients without worrying about how to handle it all.

Every one of my clients have complimented me on how organized and professional everything is. I also believe it has built trust for my clients who are essentially putting their business into my hands. They feel more comfortable letting me take control because they see that I know what I’m doing.

Starting my own freelance design business was scary mainly because I was unsure how I would manage it all. This course has made it easier and helped me see that the process doesn’t have to be complicated! With a streamlined design process, you’ll have less headaches, clearer communication and more time to spend doing what you truly love to do. This course has truly changed my business for the better."

- Britt Lopez, Branded By Britt
"This course gives designers the perfect step-by-step process to get their business systems set up. If you follow this course and apply what you learn, you’ll have systems in place that will make you look professional to your clients, and more importantly, save you lots of time. This course is a goldmine for every designer who wants to build a strong foundation for their biz!" - Chrys, Calliframe
"I've been designing for 10 years now. I've done the college thing, the other-job thing (receptionist, kennel manager at an animal hospital, etc.) and the in-house graphic designer thing, and I still find myself dreaming about the day I work for myself. But where to start? Where do I start gathering clients? How do I get all these business-y things organized, and what can be automated to save myself time, be more efficient with that time, professional, and retain my sanity through it all?

That's when I found Nesha, began following her blog, became a member of her club, bought her Social Splash ebook, and eventually I took the plunge and signed up for Organize & Automate.

I was so excited to get started, that I completed the course in one weekend and made PAGES of notes! I implemented a lot of the tools Nesha mentioned in the course (Streak, Hellosign, Inbox Pause + Asana being the major ones), and created my own set of email scripts based off her scripts. Following the advice in the course, I set up a design questionnaire on my website and I’m working on a testimonial survey now.

I loved getting some insight into Nesha’s design process and how she interacts with clients in her own business. Organize & Automate was invaluable to me, and will definitely have a hand in my success getting started in my own freelance business. The videos were great, the modules were easy to get through, and the information provided is soo helpful! I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone that wants to start their own design business, but like me, needs help getting started and getting organized."

- Katelyn Dekle,
"This course is a must if you want to streamline your design business and make it work for you as effectively as you work for your clients. I’m so grateful to have learned about smart tools, tips, and techniques that will keep my business running smoothly without a lot of maintenance on my end!" - Jamie Grasso,
"I’ve been designing most of my life and graduated with a four-year degree in graphic design. It wasn’t until 2013 that I decided to start my own design business.

I thought my design process was solid since I already had several years experience working on different design teams, however, while learning to become my own project manager, I quickly realized that I needed to organize and streamline my process even further so I could deliver the best projects possible for my clients and have more availability to take on additional clients or other passion projects.

I hesitated signing up for the course because I know that every designer works differently and I wasn’t sure if the processes shared in O&A would be something I’d want to implement myself.

I watched Nesha's 'Streamline Your Design Process' webinar leading up to the course and learned lots of tips in JUST one hour that I wasn’t taking advantage of in my workflow. I thought the webinar would be enough for me, but shortly after it I started to book more design projects and knew I needed more help restructuring my systems so I could better manage my client projects. And what’s better than learning from another designer + business owner?

It opened my eyes to ways that I can continue to refine my process with onboarding, designing, handing off design files and receiving testimonials. I learned and experienced that it’s beneficial to have a defined process outlined in something like Asana so my clients are educated about each step of the project and feel confident that they’re in good hands.

I also really enjoy the community aspect of the course (the private Facebook group). Since the group is filled with other web & graphic designers, I’m able to ask any questions I have and get incredible feedback from people who understand what it is I do!

- Holly Meyer,

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