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I have a secret that, when revealed on my Instagram Story a while ago, blew peoples mind.

Ready for it?!

I only work 3 days a week.

Yep! But here’s where it gets interesting…

I make more money working 3 days a week than when I worked 5 days a week.

If you’re curious how I made that happen, listen to this episode using the player above or read this episode below!

We’ll cover exactly how I made sure my profits went up even though my work hours went down, how you can do the same thing, the planners I use to help me be super productive on the days I do work, and so much more. 

I believe it’s time we start breaking this belief that you have to work really, really hard to achieve success.

Most of the time, when people say they’re working hard they mean they’re putting a lot of time in.

But if you’re not putting time into the right tasks, you’re just busying yourself.

And the reality is that if you analyzed what tasks you’re busying yourself doing, you’d realize that most of the tasks aren’t contributing to business growth, and you could actually take that time off and it wouldn’t affect your income. 

So in this show, I’m going to talk a little more about the concept of working on the right tasks and working less days a week.

Before we jump in, there’s something you need to know…

I’ve always worked 3 days a week.

Except for a brief time when I worked 5 days on my biz and hated it. 

When I sold design services only, I worked 3 days.

Now that I sell courses, I work 3.5 days. 

The reason I’m mentioning this is because I’ve been asked before if you need passive income (like courses or other digital products) to work less each week and the answer is no. Awesome, right? Keep reading to learn more.

My Schedule

When I sold design services only, I worked Monday - Wednesday. I did volunteer work on Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday mornings.

Now that I sell a course only, I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and half a day on Friday.

Thursday’s are for…

  • Larger chores (Laundry, big grocery store trips, organizing my closet etc)

  • Appointments (Dental, lashes, brows, nails etc)

  • Personal growth (Bible study, book reading, visualization)

  • Rest

On Friday mornings I do volunteer work. I work on Friday afternoons and take the occasional afternoon off to spend time with my mum.

To make this work, you have to make sure you get the right tasks done on the days you work. 

You can’t afford to waste time doing tasks that don’t grow your business or your income. 


Spending too much time on Instagram. Getting caught up in Facebook groups. Getting caught up trying to organize your business over and over without actually get much… you know, organized. (Oopsy!)

You have to make sure you’re using the precious time you DO work to get the MOST important tasks done. Tasks that grow your business the most. 

How to figure out what the money-making tasks in your business are:

  1. Start with a simple 1 year plan. I have a one page, one year plan that outlines how many of my services, courses and digital products I need to sell to hit my income goal. This plan won’t stay the same all year of course. But it’s important to have a general idea of what you want to accomplish this year.

  2. Create a 3 month plan. To create it, I look at my 1 year plan and decide what parts of it i’d like to work on for the next 3 months. Then I write those out as goals in my Cultivate What Matters planner. Inside the planner, there’s a “goals” section every 3 months. This makes it the perfect planner for creating 3 month business plans!

  3. Write out the main tasks each goal is made up of. Now that I know what my biz goals are for the next 3 months, I write out the main tasks that each goal involves. Then I spread those tasks over each of the next 3 months inside my planner.

  4. Break down this month’s main tasks into smaller, actionable weekly tasks.

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More From This Episode

This episode isn’t over! To learn about this process, click “Play” on the player below! You’ll learn about the daily/weekly planner I use alongside my Cultivate What Matters planner, the difference between being busy and being productive, and how YOU can work less days per week but earn more.

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