How Mel Quit Her Day Job To Freelance In Bali

How Mel quit her day job in LA, started freelancing and moved to Bali | An interview between Nesha Woolery and Mel Judson

Today I have a case study for you that I think you will totally love. My special guest is Mel Judson, who quit her day job last year, went full-time freelance, packed one suitcase and moved to Bali.

Mel is a student in my course, Organize & Automate, and she used that course to help her set up a premium client experience so that she could feel confident charging premium prices and earn enough money to take her business full-time.

Yes, she has made her dream a total reality!  


I’m honoured that I’ve been able to help her with my course and I’m now even more honoured to share our conversation, where she shares her tips on how you can quit your job, start your full-time web design business, and start living the life that you crave.

Interview Breakdown

  • What the transition was like going from a full-time job to freelance (2:53)

  • Why Mel has decided to move to Bali and how she used that as her motivation (5:35)

  • How Mel prepared to freelance full-time (8:33)

  • The importance of taking your business seriously (11:50)

  • Why you should always ask for help (13:15)

  • Why you have to make sacrifices for any major change in life (19:23)

  • The importance of staying focused on your goals and not obsessing about what other people do online (22:11)

  • What Mel was struggling with before enrolling in Organize & Automate and how the course has helped her (28:15)

  • Mel’s main hesitations before deciding to join Organize & Automate (34:10)

  • What Me’s business is like now she has a streamlined process (38:11)

  • How Mel feels now that she’s organized (41:32)

About Mel


Mel Judson is a brand & web designer doing things differently. Currently living the digital nomad life in Bali, she empowers female entrepreneurs around the world to grow their businesses and change lives through authentic and sparkly websites and branding. Her signature branding and web design framework employs a holistic approach built upon the belief that your website is your ticket to freedom and the process of building your businesses online should spark joy, not stress.

Mel’s Website

Mel’s Instagram

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Working Remotely in Bali


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