12 awesome posts to help you find more clients

Use my top posts to help you find more clients with bigger budgets next year that will boost your income and make it the best year your business has EVER had! Just by clicking on this pin you've already took that first step to becoming the number #1 hustler in the game. You got this! #Freelance, #Business, #Marketing, #Blogposts, #Website, #Clients, #Small Businesses, #Girl Boss #Startfreelancing #Slay #Hustler

As this year comes to an end, many of us are planning how we're going to improve our businesses next year. 

You may have already asked yourself:

  • How can I find more clients next year?
  • How can I boost my income next year?
  • How can I find more of the right clients with the right budgets next year?

Some of you reading this may even be planning to quit your day job next year and start your own business. (Hurray!!)

I always feel excited when I go into a new year because it's filled with endless possibilities, not just for your business but also for your personal life.

The end of a year is the perfect time to plan how you're going to move your business to a new level in the next twelve months. That's why I thought I'd make my final post of 2016 a roundup of my twelve most popular posts on finding clients. 

Use these posts to help you find more clients with bigger budgets next year and make it the best year your business has EVER had!

And if you want even more help than a blog post can provide, I have a FREE 5-day podcast series, Find More Clients, that will teach you the marketing strategies that worked the best this year for women entrepreneurs. 

12 Awesome Blog Posts
To H
elp You Find More Clients

Ebooks On Finding Clients

The Freelance Marketing Plan

Living the freelance life is fun. It’s fulfilling to set your own terms, earn your own cash and be your own boss. But finding clients can be tough, and that’s when freelance life goes from fun to frustrating.

I don’t want you to throw in the towel because no one is hiring you. Use this 50-page printable workbook to learn & implement six key marketing strategies that will help you get booked out!


Social Splash

Do you want to get out of a slow stage and start booking clients? Are you ready to finally get booked out?

In my book, Social Splash, I'll teach you how to find clients on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and Pinterest- the four places I find my own clients. 

You'll learn the strategies I put in place that got me booked out for six months, the no.1 Facebook group that gives me clients, how to get potential clients from social media into your sales funnel 

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Find More Clients, the FREE 5-day podcast series!

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