4 Simple Emails To Build Your Client List (Today!)

4 Simple Emails To Build Your Client List (Today!)

One of the best parts of being a creative entrepreneur is the work. 

Unlike your friends with a j-o-b, you get to decide which projects you take on, which challenges will stretch you creatively, and which tasks are the best match for your skill set.

One of the worst parts of being a creative entrepreneur? Finding that work.

When you dreamed of becoming a freelance designer (or a freelance copywriter, in my case,) we didn’t fantasize about sweaty palms at networking events. Awkward sales conversations. Struggling over how the heck to install a Facebook tracking pixel.

And hey, networking events and social media can be great ways to find new clients. But there’s also a beauty in getting back to basics. 

Finding clients doesn’t have to be complicated or anxiety-inducing. It can really be as easy as sending a few simple emails.