How To Niche Your Graphic Design Business

How To Niche Your Graphic Design Business

Have you ever thought about niching your design business? When done right, it's a great way to stand out from other graphic designers and win more clients.

The problem is, it's pretty scary! Saying no to most people in order to say yes to a few is daunting, to say the least.

But it can be life-changing for your business.

In this masterclass, I talk with special guest, Devan Danielle, about how to choose a niche for your design business. Watch the video below or continue reading to learn WHY you need a niche, how to find it, and how niching has done wonders for both of our businesses.

Pricing Strategy For Freelance Designers

Pricing Strategy For Freelance Designers

Let me ask you - do you have doubts about your prices?

Maybe you think you’re charging too little or too much.

Maybe you want to raise your prices but you’re worried that no clients will want to pay you that much money?

I understand, I’ve been there. I went from charging $50 for a blog to design to no less than $4000 - I know allll about the evolution of pricing and how scary it can be.

I want to help you figure out EXACTLY what you should be charging your design clients, and I want to help you feel confident about your prices.

That's why I'm bringing you this free 1-hour pricing workshop!

Watch the video or read on to learn how to strategically price your design services.