10 Skillshare classes for designers

10 skillshare classes for designers
10 skillshare classes for designers

It's official- I'm in love with Skillshare! I'm sure you all know this, but for those who don't, Skillshare is an online space where you can pay a small fee to take a class on one of your interests (like design, photography, or creative writing). I've enrolled in a few classes on design so far and just love them! I also have a ton of other classes saved to my wis list for the future. I thought that today I would share my faves with you (and also get your recommendations)! Here are 7 amazing Skillshare classes for designers to enroll in:

1. The first steps of hand lettering, concept to sketch by Mary Kate McDevitt

2. Digitizing hand lettering, from sketch to vector by Sean McCabe (I reeeeally recommend this one!!)

3. A hands on approach to label design by Jon Contino

4. Introduction to the art of modern calligraphy by Molly Jacques

5. Learn the ins and outs of Illustrator by Brad Woodard

6. Beyond the logo: crafting a brand identity by Courtney Eliseo

7. Build a HTML & CSS website from scratch by Jonathan Grover

8. Marketing: if you had $1 to spend, how would you spend it? by Jamie Viggiano

9. Pinterest for business by Nate Ginsburg

10. Building your first Wordpress website by Sarah Frantz (for designers who don't code, but would like to try!)

Leave me a comment letting us all know your favorite Skillshare classes, or tweet this post to share it with your friends! Next week I have another roundup of amazing Skillshare classes for bloggers to take, so I hope you'll stick around!

*This is NOT an affiliate or sponsored post. (I just love Skillshare.)

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