I love sharing helpful courses and products with my audience. If you have a product you think would benefit my audience, please fill in the form below. 

What is a JV webinar?

You and I hop on a live webinar with my audience and you teach them about the subject of your product. (For example, if you're selling a course on Instagram marketing, your webinar could be '5 ways to convert more Insta followers into customers'.)

During the first 45 minutes of the webinar, you would teach about your topic. During the last 30 minutes, we would both promote your product and do a free Q&A session.

My community

My community is made up of 8000+ email subscribers, 8000+ Twitter followers, 25,000 Pinterest followers and 2700 Instagram followers. Most of my community are passion-powered, female designers and creative entrepreneurs in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties who are determined to build better, stronger businesses.

How do this work?



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If you can provide a few specific dates, go ahead! If not, let me know the month you would like to do it and we'll discuss a date.