Free 5-Day challenge:
The Client Process Cleanse

Transform your client process from messy to mind-blowing in just 5 days.


Let me guess...

You’re tired of clients expecting you to reply to their emails ASAP,
even on evenings and weekends. 

You’re sick of clients providing files and feedback late all the time. 

And you’re tired of your projects always going over their deadline.

You know you need to organize your client process, but you don’t even know where to start, and you don’t have time to waste.



• Are amazing at what you do but struggle with getting organized.

• You’re super busy with client work.

• You’ve taken part in challenges before but never finished them.


How do I know that about you?

I know that because I’ve been in the same position. That’s why I’ve created a free challenge for creatives like you and me; a challenge that will get you amazing results, fast.


Join the free 5-day challenge

Starting on Monday, March 12th

Join hundreds of creative entrepreneurs and me to organize your client process in just five days so you can stop stressing and start wowing your clients!



  • Your clients ALWAYS provide files and feedback on time. 
  • Late payments are a thing of the past.
  • Clients rave about you to all their friends and colleagues because you not only provided them with fantastic work but an incredible experience.

These results are NOT impossible.

This is what happens when you have an organized client process, and this free challenge is going to help you create that.


what you're going to learn:

Day 01: We'll discuss how a project management tool will help your projects finish on time, every time, and you'll learn how to use my favorites: Asana and Dubsado.

• Day 02: Document your client process and create a  template that you can follow again and again with every client.

• Day 03: Learn how to get clients to hand in files and feedback on time - always.

• Day 04: Learn how to create a welcome packet that establishes boundaries with clients before the project begins.

• Day 05: How I went from working 60+ hour weeks and making £1500 per month, to working 3 days a week and having £9k months.

How will this work?

• We’ll have a pop-up Facebook group for challenge participants only.

I’ll go live in the group for 30 minutes every day and teach you one way to organize your client process.

• At the end of each video, I’ll give you a simple assignment to complete.

• There will be live Q&A’s with me so you can get all your burning questions answered!

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Sign up to organize your client process
in just five days. 

It won’t take all day every day. You can do this on the side of client work!
That’s how simple and fast it is to complete this challenge.


hurry, friend! Challenge starts
Monday March 12th