Day 01: Choosing A Project Management Tool

Choosing a project management tool can be hard because there are soooo many. And even when you do choose, will it take you forever to learn how to use it? Will you clients want to use it? How will you convince them it’s in their best interest?

Watch this video to find out!




Day 02: Documenting Your client Process

Here's the danger with having your process in your mind and not writing it down:

You forget things.

That email signature that's part of your design package? You totally forget it until the client points out that you haven't done it yet.

That logo that only includes two revision rounds? You complete four.

Documenting your process will help you NOT forget steps or deliverables, NOT lose track of revisions, and NOT look like a total amateur.

Tune in to this live stream to learn how to document your process!


Design template

Coaching template

Photography template


Day 03: How to get clients to hand in files & feedback on time- ALWAYS

Have you ever had your projects delayed because your client was late providing files, feedback or payment? It sucks.

In this video, we’re going to discuss three ways to stop this from happening:

1. The 3 places you should remind your clients of the importance of timeliness

2. How to create a reusable project schedule

3. Setting automatic client reminders


FREE Project Schedule Template

The Contract Shop: Contract templates for service-based business owners. (Aff link)

Day 04: How to create a welcome packet

Sometimes, clients are calling you at weird hours, expecting you to reply to their emails ASAP, and expecting you to complete extra revisions for free.

Wouldn’t it be nice to provide them with a guide that sets boundaries and expectations before the project starts?

That, my friend, is called a Welcome Packet.

Watch this video to learn what should go inside YOURS!

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