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Are Your Design Projects Messy & Unorganized?

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Right Now, I'm Guessing Your Projects Look like This...

• You and your clients communicate through hundreds of emails in dozens of threads.

• Your clients are constantly late with their feedback, delaying their project again and again.

• They keep wanting to add more work to their project scope without expecting to pay extra for it.

• They're usually late with payments, causing you to feel more and more stressed out.

Sound familiar? GOOD. That means you're in the right place.


The Solution? A Project Management Tool.

Using a (free!) project management tool to communicate with clients, share files, create To Do lists and set up automatic reminders has cut my project problems down by 93%.

You're Probably Thinking...

• My clients won't want to learn how to use a project management tool.

• My clients and I don't have time to learn how to use a project management tool.

• It's probably expensive and I don't have the budget right now.

• It's easier to manage my projects through email.

• It's too soon to start using a PM tool in my business. I'm just starting out! I have more important systems to put in place.

Well, my answer is no. No to ALL of the above.


A project management tool is the first & most important tool you should implement in your freelance web or graphic design business.


Imagine Your Project Process Is so Streamlined…

• Your clients never forget to provide files and feedback on time.

• Late payments become a thing of the past.

• Nothing falls through the cracks and gets forgotten.

• Your clients rave about you after the project is over because you not only provided them with amazing designs, but an incredible experience.

It's not impossible. This course will help you get it done.

"In the last 10 days or so since I stumbled across your blog and joined your newsletter, I have done more for my business than in, well, forever! The level of content, the clarity and the no pressure style of all of your emails is truly refreshing. I have followed dozens of the "top names" in online business for years and NONE of them have come close to the level you're at."

- Deanne, Evolve Marketing Design

About The Course

Throughout this course you'll learn:

  • Why you should use a project management tool.

  • How to document your step-by-step design process.

  • How to use my favourite PM tool, Asana. (It's free!)

  • How to use your PM tool to set boundaries with your clients.

  • How to use your PM tool to get your clients to hand in feedback, files and payments on time.

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We will never sell or rent your information to third parties and will protect it in accordance with our privacy policy.
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I Almost Quit Freelancing.

Let's rewind a few years. I was a year into my design business, things had finally picked up and I was fully booked. It was great! But it was also OVERWHELMING.

I had never taken on more than one client at a time until then. My idea of project management was back-and-forth emails, my work days went into the evenings and weekends, and my social life had totally died.

Here was my problem:

I knew that setting up systems and streamlining my design process would speed up my projects and free up my time, but I thought I didn't have TIME to set up systems.

I carried on slaving away at my business like that until one day, I'd had enough. I couldn't go on. I remember crying over the phone to my mom because I felt so stressed.

I took some time to set up systems that would help me take my time back and regain my sanity. It was the best thing I’ve ever done for my business.

I can't wait to help you achieve the same results through this course!

"Sounds awesome! But... why is it free? What's the catch?

There is no catch. I just want to help you be your best freelance self.

I see a lot of freelance designers losing joy in their business because they're stressed out with client projects. They know that using a project management tool would help relieve their stress and organize their projects, but the thought of learning how to use it (and training their clients to use it) seems time-sucking and scary. 

That's why I created this free course - to help every designer stop stressing and start loving design again!

"I see so many free courses out there. How is this one different?"

Free courses are trendy nowadays, but a lot of them are filled with fluff; notions about what you can do, with no real content explaining the 'how'. 

I'm here to explain both. 

In my course, you'll not only learn what you need to do to organize your projects, you'll learn how through the video tutorials that accompany the email lessons.

"Who are you, anyway?"

I'm glad you asked! My name is Nesha and I teach freelance designers how to streamline their systems, get booked out and explode their income.

Any designer with a decent set of skills can set up a business, but only the ones with systems in place will last. 

That's where I come in! I'm here to help you organize your business so you can stop stressing out and start wowing your clients. 

Ready to start managing your clients like a boss?

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