Webinar questionnaire

Hi friend! This questionnaire will give me a good idea of the products and bonuses you want to offer in the webinar so we can put it together quickly and avoid some of the back-and-forth emails. Looking forward to discussing the webinar with you!

Full Name *
Full Name
It's best to offer a couple of bonuses, like a group coaching call, video tutorial, ebook or facebook group etc, to make the offer more enticing.
Fast action bonuses are offered to people who buy the bundle during the live webinar only. People can still buy the bundle after the webinar, but they won't get the fast-action bonus.
A post-launch email sequence is a set of 3 emails we send to the webinar participants after the webinar is over, giving them the replay link and promoting the bundle. If you have a post-launch email sequence, share it with me in Google Docs and I'll share mine too. We can then plug our product info into each other's email templates.