Does This Sound like You?

You started your freelance web or graphic design biz because you love being creative, working alone, and working from the comfort of your own bed. I mean, workspace. *Cough cough*

There’s just one problem.

Working for yourself is stressful.

Your clients are late providing you with EVERYTHING, from the files you need so you can start their design to the feedback you need to complete their revisions.

When you eventually receive your client’s feedback, it’s one vague sentence that doesn’t help you at all.

Your projects finish but your clients are still emailing you with millions of questions.

And getting clients to pay you on time is like tearing yourself away from a 6-hour binge session of This Is Us: not going to happen. *That show is awesome.*

Do you sometimes wonder if it would be easier to get a day job? Work in a studio? Leave all the payment-chasing and following-up to someone else and just collect your pay slip at the end of each month?

I bet you're now thinking… "woah, how did she just read my mind?!"

Well, I’m no Jedi mindreader. But I understand exactly how you feel because I’ve been there.


Hey friend! I'm nesha.

I’m here to help you simplify your web or graphic design business so you can...

• Work less

• Stress less

• Blow your clients away with an incredibly smooth process that wins repeat work (and shed-loads of referrals!)


A little About Me…

In Winter 2014, I broke down in tears because I had followed every blog tutorial and ecourse about organizing my business and none of it had cut down on the stress and anxiety I felt.

It was like the dream web design business I started had turned into a time-sucking nightmare.

Here was the problem: all the resources I turned to weren’t specifically for designers. They were for any ol’ service-based biz! So, I worked my butt off for months creating systems and boundaries that would work best for my kind of business: a web and graphic design business.

And guess what?

I went from being a stressed-out wreck who worked 60+ hours a week for minimum wage, to working three days a week, making $9k+ per month, and finally having the time and money to travel the world.

I’ve now taught 28,000 other web & graphic designers how to do exactly the same with my ecourse, videos and Facebook community. If you’re ready to work less, stress less but earn more, I’m here to help.


Time for the Fun Facts!


I'm From… England, but I travel a LOT so you may find me working from cafés in
South Korea or poolsides in Bali.

Business Love Language: Transparency

Favourite Disney Movie:
Beauty & The Beast

I Want To Live In A World Where…

→ We get paid to binge-watch Netflix. 

→ Caffeine is good for you.

→ Wine has zero calories.

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