Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You're hustling like crazy, trying to make a decent living from your freelance business. But somehow, you never get as far as other freelancers. 

They have amazing clients and projects, they release hot products that always sell out and they just seem to have it all together.

So what are they doing that you're not?

You're tired of going to Pinterest and Google for answers to your questions.

You wish you could peek behind the scenes of other freelance businesses and learn from their strategies, successes and failures.

You wish you had a close group of freelance friends who could reassure you you're doing things right, or correct you if you're not.

A large Facebook group of thousands isn't going to cut it anymore.

You need a close mastermind group of people who are genuinely interested in your success. 

You need a mentor and a support group; a place where you can seek help on your mission to creating a successful freelance business.

That’s where The Shelancers Club comes in!

As a club member, here's what you'll learn...

The club is made up of two parts:

01. Membership library

A secret library filled with audio lessons, articles and worksheets to help you grow your business.


02. Mastermind group

A private Facebook group where you can connect with other shelancers and seek advice. 

Who is it for?

The Shelancers Club is for freelance women in creative fields, like design and photography. Freelancers of all levels will benefit- whether you’re an aspiring freelancer or you’ve been at it for years!

What will you get access to?

As soon as you join the club you'll get access to a secret library on my website that's filled with video lessons, audio lessons, workbooks and articles to help you level up your freelance business. 

On the 30th of every month you'll get brand NEW content, including:

  • 2 audio lessons on the topic of the month. 
  • One detailed behind-the-scenes article on my design business. You'll see my newsletter and blog statistics, read of my goals and fails, and get the inside scoop on new launches and how they're going. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your Facebook group different to free Facebook groups?
Most free Facebook groups are filled with thousands of members; it can be hard to establish your expertise or be heard. 

The Shelancer Facebook group is small and close. We're like a family! We promote each other, help each other out of sticky situations, and celebrate big and small wins with each other.

Can't I learn this stuff from blogs?
Sure, you can go through people's blogs in search of advice that will help you level-up your freelance business, but you'll get ALL of that advice in one place if you join the club.

How often is the club updated with new content?
On the 30th of every month, the club is updated with 2 new audio lessons and one behind-the-scenes article.

What will happen after I sign up?
You'll get instant access to the club + an email with your login information and more details. 

Are there longer subscription options?
Absolutely! You can purchase a 3 month subscription or 6 month subscription at a discounted rate.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes, absolutely! 

Here's what the members are saying...

"I left The Shelancers Club for a little while due to time and money issues. It wasn't worth it. I ran into an issue this week and got some advice from another group. It was fine, but it just wasn't the same. This group is pretty special." - Christina Orleans
"In less than a week in the Facebook group, I’ve already learned more from these ladies than I ever have from surfing Pinterest. They all have different styles and ideas and it’s so refreshing to get inspiration from each other. Sign up. Do it. It’s the price of 2 cups of coffee and you’ll learn more than you ever have in just a couple days." - Nora Conrad
"I joined The Shelancers Club because I needed advice. I needed a little boost of confidence, and to learn from people who have already been in the boat I am currently in. I’ve already picked up some tips and tricks about font licensing, contracts, rates and pricing. If you’re thinking about joining, I say just go for it!! There is so much to gain that you can’t afford to not join in. It’s fab." - Krishna Dhokia Solanki
"I am so, so excited to be a part of this group! I’ve admired Nesha for quite some time now – I was SO thrilled when I found out she was launching this freelance community, and I feel so lucky to be a part of such an amazing group of women!" - Brittany Nicole Ehlers
"I have to find a job for money purposes, but I am truly yearning to work for myself, which is why I’ve joined The Shelancers Club. I have no idea how to build my network, and I need the support of all these wonderful and experienced Shelancers. Thank you Nesha, for this amazing community!" - Dee Echevarria

Who is made this?

I’m Nesha, and I design brands and Squarespace websites for women entrepreneurs. 

I used to design on evenings and weekends, dreaming of quitting my day job and working with amazing clients. Now, I freelance full-time and I’m always booked up 3-6 months in advance from the clients I find on social media and amazing referrals from my designer friends. 

I understand the struggles freelancers go through- from balancing work and life to earning a consistent income- and I’m here to show you how I conquered those struggles and continue to do so!

Cancel any time by emailing