How to make your clients feel special

how to woo your clients
how to woo your clients

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Lets face it- we all like to be 'wooed'. It makes a girl feel magical, special, desired, sexy, beautiful... and every other wonderful word in the English dictionary! So if wooing (not sure that's a word but I'm rolling with it!) is such a magical part of life and love, then why not make wooing our clients a part of our business strategy? Why not sweep them off their feet and dash off into the sunset with them in our arms?

Think of your clients as your dates. Wouldn't you set out to make a smokin' hot impression on them, one they couldn't forget? You'd whip out the full works- your best dress, your killer heels, your favorite perfume... and you wouldn't stop there. You'd show interest in them, listen to every word they have to say, compliment them, and totally blow their mind.

How could you blow your clients mind?

How could you give them the best experience they've ever had with a freelancer?

How could you keep them coming back for more, and sending their friends your way, too?

This is something that's been on my mind a lot so far this year, because I believe that the most important part of my business is not blogging, marketing, selling or anything else. It's my clients, the work they receive, and the way they receive it. I want to provide them with the best working relationship they could possibly have with a freelancer. So I've been brainstorming ways to astound them. I haven't implemented all of them yet, but the ones I have implemented have shown amazing results in my client relationships!

Ways to 'woo' potential clients:

  • Instead of only emailing them, hop on the phone or Skype them.
  • Create an auto email containing a jolly little message and some helpful links, perhaps to your Process, Testimonials or FAQ page.
  • Provide them with free and honest advice before they invest in your services. You could this this through a free website review, a free brand consultation, or just some friendly advice and direction over emails. It doesn't ever hurt to give people advice on your area of expertise, regardless of whether they become your client or not.

Ways to 'woo' current clients:

  • Send them a handwritten 'hello' note in the post before you start working together.
  • Respond to their emails swiftly and kindly, regardless of whether they were rude or snappy with you.
  • Go out of your way for them- perhaps with an extra revision thrown in there if it won't take you too long.
  • Finish the process off with a nice 'thank you' card and prezzie in the post. Melissa recently shared some awesome ideas on gifts to buy for clients.

Ways to 'woo' past clients:

  • Always follow up with them and see if they need anything- even if it's just free advice. You could do this every 4 or 6 months. Imagine how valued you'd feel as a client if your designer/photographer/other creative always remember you and checked in on you!
  • Send them a little gift every year, even if it's just a card in the mail or a a box of cookies.
  • Make yourself helpful and promote their offerings on social media. This will let them know that you're here to help their business succeed, and not just with paid services.

How can you woo clients so they come back for more? Any tips you'd like to share that have worked wonders for you and your clients?

Nesha Woolery

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