How to use Illustrator scripts to speed up your design process

 If you want to be able to shorten your project timelines and start taking on more clients (and boosting your income), you need to work smarter and faster. Want to know how to do that? Just click on this pin to find out! #Freelance, #Streamlining & Automating , #Illustrator, #Design Process, #Business

A slow design process leads to these kinds of problems:

  • You can't take on many projects throughout the year, meaning you can't earn as much income as you'd like.
  • You lose potential clients as soon as they read how long your project timelines are.
  • You start to get bored of a project because it's dragging on way too long.
  • You start to stress out because it's taking you longer than expected.

So how can you speed up your design process?

If you want to be able to shorten your project timelines and start taking on more clients (and boosting your income), you need to work smarter and faster.

Here's how:

  • Organize your Photoshop and Illustrator workspace so the tools you need are right at your fingertips.
  • Use browser extensions to make the web design process easier.
  • Use Illustrator scripts and actions to automate parts of your design process and design quicker.
  • Use a project management tool like Asana to map out your step-by-step design process and keep you and your clients on track. (We talked about this in my last blog post.)

There are lots more ways you can speed up and streamline your design process (and they're covered in my course, Organize & Automate), but today we're going to focus on one of the ways I mentioned above:

Using Illustrator scripts to speed up your design process.

Scripts speed up time-consuming tasks in Illustrator and help you accomplish things that are usually hard to do. You just find scripts online, install them in Illustrator, and you can start using them with one click of a button!

Let me give you some examples!

Layer Export by William Ngan. This script will export each layer of a document as a seperate PDF or PNG. This is ideal for creating blog post graphics in one document. Once you're done creating all your graphics, you'd just click this script to save each graphic as seperate PNG's!

Delete Empty Layers by Kelso. If you work with web developers, you probably organize your files before you send them off to the developer, right? Instead of having to spend time going through your Illustrator layers and deleting empty layers, you can use this script to do it for you in just once click.

Random Swatches Fill by Yemz. Have you ever had to go through all the objects in your design and give them random colours? For instance, if you were creating a pattern or illustration? It can be boring and time-consuming. Save time by using this script! Just select the objects, select colours from your swatches window and then run the script. It will randomly paint your objects those colours. 

Think you don't have time to find and install Illustrator scripts?

Think again. 

Isn't it funny how we designers and small business owners think we don't have time to get organized, when getting organized will actually save us time in the future?

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  • Use browser extensions to speed up your web design process.
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  • Speed up your design process with Illustrator scripts.

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