How To Create 10 Weeks Of Content In 5 Days

What is a batch day you ask? A batch day is an entire day dedicated to ONE task. A day where you'll focus on doing one thing and nothing else. Now that you know the gist of a batch day, are you ready to craft your batch days for your business FINALLY make time for the tasks that always slip through the cracks. Then what are you waiting for! Let's do this! Just click on this pin to create your batch day now!

For years, I wrote my blog posts and newsletters on the day they went live.

I'd frantically think of something to write and then quickly hit send, forgetting to spell check and link check, just wanting to send something - anything!

Why did I leave things like content creation until the last minute like that?

Because I was unorganized and not in control of my time.

I changed my way of creating content, and I now have all my blog posts and newsletters scheduled 10 weeks ahead of time.

The key to getting ahead and scheduling blog content weeks in advance? Batch weeks.

A batch week is an entire week dedicated to ONE task. A week where you'll focus on doing ONE thing and nothing else. 

If content creation is a core part of your marketing then spending one week on it every X weeks is no big deal. If it isn't, you can have a batch day instead.

According to Harvard Business Review, when you switch away from a primary task to do something else, you’re increasing the time it takes to finish that task by an average of 25 per cent. So when you use a batch week or day to focus on ONE task, you'll complete your task faster and to a better quality!

Ready to set up a batch week for blog post writing? Read on or watch the video below to learn how!

Step 1: Write out all the steps of your content creation process

01. Take out a pen and paper and set a timer for twelve minutes.

02. Write out every task you think you need to do for your blog posts to be completely ready to publish.

03. Write out the tasks you need to do after the blog post is published.

04. When you're done, go through the list and cross out duplicates and tasks that aren't necessary.

05. Make sure your tasks are in order.

06. Highlight tasks you think you could outsource to a virtual assistant. (That's right- do it!! Even if you don't intend to outsource to a VA yet, you definitely will in the future. When you do, I want you to know exactly what tasks you want to give her.)

Step 2: Add your batch week tasks to your calendar or project management app

If you don't already use a project management app, I highly recommend it. A project management app is a secure space online where you can create and manage multiple projects. You can create to-dos, give them due dates, create calendars, and more!

I recommend Asana. It's free!

Before you move on to the next steps, it'll be really helpful if you download my Batch Week Blueprint and copy the steps from there. Download it below!

batch day blueprint, blog post writing, content creation, asana.png

01. Sign up for a free Asana account. (Sign up with your business email address, not your personal address. This will give you access to the features you see in the images below.)

02. Create a new project called Content Batch Week.

03. Choose the list format, not the board format.

asana, content creation, blog post writing, blog post planning.png

04. Paste all your tasks in.

05. Organise the tasks into phases by typing 'Phase 1:', 'Phase 2:' etc. When you add a colon next to a task in Asana, it immediately becomes a header. This breaks up your tasks into phases that are easier to view, like you can see in the screenshot below.

content creation, asana, blog post writing, content planning.png

06. Click the first task, hold shift, then click the last task to highlight all tasks. Click 'Assigned' and assign the task to yourself. (If there are tasks you want to assign to your virtual assistant, do that now too.)

blogging, batch creation, asana.png

07. Assign due dates to your tasks. The due dates you choose depend on how many blog posts you want to create in a week and how long it will take you. For example, without video, I know I can can write 3.5 blog posts a day so I can write 10 posts in 3 days. Knowing that, I'd spend 1 day of my batch week planning content, 3 days writing content, and 1 day editing, scheduling, adding opt-in freebies and scheduling promotion for each post.

To add due dates to your tasks in Asana, click the first task in a phase, click Shift, and click the last task. Then click Due Date.

asana, content creation, batch content.png

08. Make these tasks 'repeat tasks' so they'll show up on your Asana calendar every 10 weeks. To do this, highlight all tasks in Phase 1, select Due Date, click Set To Repeat, click Repeats... After Completion, click Weekly, then select Every 10 Weeks On Monday. Repeat this for each phase in your project. 

asana, batch content, content creation.png

Now, you're done! Every ten weeks, these content creation tasks will appear on your Asana calendar. As you complete them, simply click the tick next to the task to mark it as done.

learn how to use Asana to manage your client projects

Copy of Project management course.png

You can use Asana to manage more than your content batch weeks - you can use it to manage your client projects! To learn how, sign up for my FREE project management course below and get started today.


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