How to find trustworthy creatives to collaborate with

 How to find trustworthy creatives to collaborate with by Nesha Woolery. Do you need to find a developer, photographer, assistant, designer, or other creative to collaborate with? Maybe you're tired of doing something yourself and want to hand it over to someone else, but you're afraid of choosing the wrong person. How can you find a trustworthy collaboration partner? Click through to listen to a free audio lesson on how! #Freelance, #Business, #Tips, #Ideas, #Creatives

A lot of freelancers started freelancing because they like working solo. Most of us are introverts, so working from our laptops at home is a cosy fit for us! But we all need to collaborate with other creatives at some point. You can’t be the best at everything, which is why it’s good to collaborate with others who are better at something than you are. 

For example, I used to design and code Wordpress websites before switching to specialize in Squarespace websites. I hated building websites from scratch and I wasn't very good at it, so I decided to collaborate with a developer instead!

I designed the websites and he coded them. It was a perfect solution because it allowed me to stick to doing what I loved and also gave someone else some work.

The problem with these kind of collaborations is finding the right people to team up with. How can you find trustworthy creatives to collaborate with? If you're collaborating with someone for the first time, you may not be sure if they're trustworthy, timely and respectful.

What if they're awful with timekeeping and end up delaying the project for weeks?

What if they tell you they can do a certain job, but they're actually not sure?

What if they cause problems with the client? Will the client get mad at you because you're the one who suggested the collaboration?

These questions and fears are enough to put anyone off collaborating with others, but that's not why I'm writing to you today. There are ways to make sure you choose collaboration partners who are trustworthy, honest, timely, and a total dream to work with. There are also warning signs you should look out for in a potential partner!

I've covered it all in my 15 minute audio lesson, How To Find The Perfect Collaborators.

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