How to create a mind-blowing portfolio

how to build a mind blowing portfolio

If you're a designer, you can screw your About page.

OK, maybe not quite. But unlike the rest of the entrepreneurial population, a designers About page is not the first page visitors flock to. Instead, it's their portfolio.

About pages are important, yes. Totally. But in a designers case, visitors are mainly interested in your work, not you. I see way too many designers fretting over how to word their About page when they should be working on jazzing up their portfolio and making it shine!

Your portfolio will speak volumes more than About page. Within 5 minutes of skimming through your portfolio, visitors will learn:

• What your overall style is. (E.g. Vintage-inspired and girly, or modern and simple...)

• Who you mainly work with

• The range of skills and experience you have

• Whether you're the right person for the job

If they think you are the perfect designer for them, THEN they're off to your about page.

I definitely understand why we all worry over the pages on our websites. I'm a perfectionist so I like to make every page perfect for my visitors. But I've definitely learned a thing or two about prioritizing this year, and I now firmly believe that as designers we need to prioritize things like our portfolios and booking clients, instead of wasting energy worrying about things like About pages. Lets get our priorities in line!

So, what makes a great portfolio page?

Keeping it organized: Clients love to look at a portfolio that is organized and easy to navigate. Adding a filter where clients can choose what works to display is a great way to do this. Also, adding a page solely for logo designs helps ones who are only looking for your logo experience. These are both things that I'm going to add to my portfolio very soon, (you can see an example of a filter here .)

Make it pretty: Don't be afraid to experiment and make your portfolio stand out! For example, check out Bre's black and white portfolio page here, or Krista's funky portfolio page!

Minimalism: When a potential client clicks for details on that project, the last thing they want is dozens of photos and long paragraphs of text. Stick to a few key images that really show off your project, and only write a few main points: the company you worked for,  a link to that company, and the services and skills you provided. You could also write about the problem they had and how you provided the solution, like One Plus One!

How have you made your portfolio page stand out? What could you do to make it shine?

Nesha Woolery

I build beautiful brands & websites for passionate entrepreneurs!