4 ways to get more newsletter subscribers from your website

 Have you been recently wondering, why your business needs to build an email list? Does every business owner need one? And if you decide to build your list, how can you do it? Well if your looking for the answers to those very important questions then your in the right place! Click on this pin to discover 4 simple ways to get more newsletter subscribers from your website now! #Freelance #Marketing #Business #Clients #Follow Up #Website #Newsletter

95% of your visitors won't buy anything on their first visit.

They have usually stumbled across you via social media, someone else's website or Google, so they're just browsing around and looking for free stuff that may interest them. 

The best way to turn these visitors into paying customers/clients? Get them on your list! Send them freebies, regularly remind them you exist, and turn them into your super-fans.

You probably already know this because there are thousands of articles, podcasts and books telling us we need to build an email list, but why? Does every business owner need one? And if you decide to build your list, how can you do it?

Those are the questions I'm hoping to answer in this article. Because I totally understand how it can feel, knowing that you need a list but not knowing where to start or how to build it. 

Most newsletter subscribers are going to opt in on your website, right? That means you need to spend some time strategically planning ways to get more subscribers from your website. Opt-in placement, lead magnets (aka. The thing you offer your subscribers in exchange for their email address), opt-in design and how frequently you mention your newsletter are all major factors when growing your list.

So, let's break those points down!

9 ways to get more newsletter subscribers from your website

01. Opt-in placement

Web users spend 80% of their time on a website above the fold (that's the upper-half of your site.) It's a proven fact that placing an opt-in above the fold it results in more newsletter subscribers than simply placing it in your sidebar or footer. If your website theme allows it, that's great! An opt-in right below your header is the prime position, and results in the most subscribers. 

However, sometimes it's not possible to add an op-tin there, especially if you're a Squarespace user and you template doesn't allow that. Need a little workaround? Squarespace users should enable the announcement bar. It's the bar you see above my nav menu. Since adding that bar, my number of monthly subscribers has grown by 60%. Woah!!

As well as placing an opt-in above the fold, try placing one in your sidebar, on your homepage and in your footer. The more important your newsletter is to you, the more frequently it should appear on your website. {Click to tweet}

02. Lead magnets

A lead magnet is the freebie you offer your visitors when they opt in to your newsletter. When creating a lead magnet, you want it to convert as many visitors to subscribers as possible, so do this:

01. Write down who your target audience is. For me, it's femtrepreneurs who want to stand out online and start attracting their dream clients.

02. Then write down the things they struggle with; things that are related to your industry. For example, I'm a designer, so things my target audience struggle with when it comes to design is defining their brand position, gaining brand clarity, designing brand collateral, using Squarespace and website design. Because I understand what my target audience struggles with, I can create a lead magnet that appeals to their pain points and solves their struggles.

03. Brainstorm lots of product ideas using those topics. This product is going to be your free lead magnet, so when you've chosen a topic that your audience struggles with, you'll need to decide on a format (ebook, email course, checklist, video...) and get creating. 

04. When you've created your opt-in freebie, start advertising it on your website alongside your newsletter! You'll see lots more subscribers flooding in. 

03. Opt-in design

Opt-ins that are bright with bold text always get the most subscribers, so try and make your opt-in background a bright color, your text a bright color, or your button bright. 

It also improves your subscriber rate to add an image of your freebie next to your opt-in. Since I added an image of my free Brand Discovery eBook to my sidebar newsletter, my subscribers rate has increased. Cool, right?

Pictured above: My sidebar newsletter and this bright and beautiful opt-in from Jess Says.

04. Frequently mention your newsletter

Throughout your website, you can link to your newsletter page. I do this in blog posts that are related to my opt-in freebie. I simply add a line to my post like, 'Pssst! I made a free book about this. You can download it here.'

Another excellent way to mention your newsletter in blog posts is content upgrades. They've become insanely popular lately- and for good reason. A content upgrade is a bonus freebie that's related to your post. At the end of your post, you offer your readers the free upgrade in exchange for their email address. 

Just look below at the stats of one of my recent content upgrades. From just one blog post, I gained 57 (and counting) new subscribers thanks to my content upgrade. Those are subscribers I may never have gained if I hadn't added that upgrade to my post. 

There are dozens of ways you can gain more newsletter subscribers from your website. The best thing I can advise you to do is experiment. Experiment with your opt-in placement, design, lead magnet and content upgrades until you find what works for you.

Nesha Woolery

I build beautiful brands & websites for passionate entrepreneurs!