3 Ways To Follow Up With Clients

A follow up is a gentle reminder that you’re still there to answer any questions they have and get the the project started. Click on this pin to learn the 3 most important ways of following-up now! #Freelance, #Marketing, #Business, #Clients, #Follow Up

Following up with clients in SO important. One of the very first clients I ever booked found me through Twitter but disappeared while we were discussing her project. I left it a week, followed up with an email, and guess what? She actually thanked me for checking in on her and she booked her project.

Sometimes potential clients haven’t disappeared because they don’t want to work with you; they’re just sitting on the fence, waiting to talk to their spouse about it, debating the investment, or they’ve just been too busy to reply.

A follow up is a gentle reminder that you’re still there to answer any questions they have and get the the project started. 

The question on a lot of freelancers minds is: 

Is following up too pushy? Does it seem like I’m pestering them into booking my services?

This is something I know a lot of freelancers struggle with. But honestly, I’ve never once had a potential client yell at me or complain when I’ve followed up. Ever. 

They’ve always:

  1. Thanked me for reminding them of our discussion and continued the conversation.

  2. Told me their doubts and fears and allowed me to help them make a decision.

  3. Or not replied.

I’m cool with any of those scenarios. 

The scenario I’m not cool with? Leaving money on the table because I was too scared that following up would make me look pushy. 

Your potential clients will not think you’re pushy if you follow up. 

They’ll think you’re super organized and professional. 

They’ll think you genuinely care about working with them (which you do, right?) 

They’ll think you really mean business.

They’ll think you’re The One to work with because you’re the only freelancer who bothered checking in on them. 

Trust me- most freelancers don’t follow up at all. So if you do, you’ll be one step ahead of anyone else your clients reached out to. 

Your 3-part Follow Up Strategy

So you’ve decided you’re going to follow up with your clients when they disappear and the clients you've worked with in the past. 

Here’s the strategy you need:

Part 01: The Potential Client That Disappeared

If a potential client has disappeared, wait seven days for a reply. Nothing? On the eighth day, send them a short and sweet follow up message to see if they have any questions or concerns. 

Following up can come across as pushy if you word it in an insincere way, and that’s the last thing you want! You want your clients to feel cared for when they receive your follow ups. That's why I've created a script to help you get the words just right! 

Copy & paste email script for following up with a potential client:  


I hope you're having a beautiful day!

You recently inquired about working together, so I thought I'd check in and see if you were still curious about it? If you have any questions or concerns about anything, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Speak soon,


This script is short, personal and helpful. It doesn’t sound like you’re dying for them to work with you or you’re really, really desperate for their money. It simply shows you’d like to work with them and you’re there anytime they have questions. It shows professionalism and thoughtfulness!

If you follow up with this email and they don’t reply, don’t follow up again. One follow up shows initiative. Two just screams pushy. 

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Part 02: The Client You Recently Finished Working With

You should follow up with them one month after working with them to check they’re happy with everything and see if they need any help. Your email should be sincere and casual- it should show your clients that you're there for them if they have any questions about whatever it is that you did for them. 

Clients can sometimes be hesitant to ask questions after the project is over. If you reach out and invite them to ask their questions, it immediately impresses them and reminds them that you're awesome. It's small gestures like this that make a big impression on your clients.

Copy & paste email script: 


Hope you’re doing well! I saw your [INSTAGRAM POST/TWEET/BLOG POST/WEBINAR] last week and decided it was definitely time to check in and see how you are.

How is the [INSERT THE THING YOU CREATED] doing? Are you seeing any good results for you and your business since we worked together?

If you have any questions or concerns about it then just let me know. I want to make sure you’re getting awesome results from our time together!

If you have any new work you need done then just let me know. I’d love the chance to work with you again- you were an awesome client.



Part 03

Six months later, send your client another email asking how they are, how they've been getting on with whatever you created for them, and whether they're in need of your services again. 

By this time, your client has likely been growing their business more steadily and may need your help again. Unless you get in touch and prompt them to ask for it, they'll probably just keep forgetting. 

Here's a copy & paste email script you can use:


It's been a while since we've spoken- how have you been?

I was just thinking about the project we worked on together so I thought I'd reach out and see how things are going. It has been lovely watching your [business/brand/project] grow! I loved the [blog post/episode/tweet/product/webinar] you did yesterday/last week/last month/recently.

Is there anything I can help you with? I always strive to make sure my clients know I'm here if they need me or my services, so just drop me a line if you fancy working on something together again. I'd love the chance to partner up once again!


It’s going to be a little difficult to remember to follow up with all these clients, especially in busy seasons. That’s why you need a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system!

My favorite CRM system is Streak. It’s a free Gmail add-on that allows you to manage your clients right from your inbox!

If you’re thinking ‘wah?’ then have no fear my friend. I'm launching a workbook soon called The Freelance Marketing Plan, and it walks you through using the 'box' and 'pipeline' features in Streak to manage your clients and follow up strategy. You'll get step-by-step instructions and screenshots to help you set it up!

The Freelance Marketing Plan is a 50-page printable workbook designed to help freelancers find clients, make money and get booked out. 

In TFMP you'll learn:

  • How to set up and automate your follow-up strategy

  • How to use paid advertising to find clients

  • How to get referrals from past clients and others in your industry

  • How to use content marketing to find clients

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