My 10 Biggest Business Mistakes (& What YOU Can Learn)

My 10 Biggest Business Mistakes (& What YOU Can Learn)

Too many of us are only showing the best parts of running a business. While watching people’s success online can be inspiring and motivational, it can also make people feel like everyone but them has got their crap together. It can make creatives believe everyone else’s life and business is perfect, but that is never the case. Behind every business owner's success is a trail of mistakes and failures they made along the way. 

Don't Fire Your Nightmare Web Design Client. Do This Instead.

Don't Fire Your Nightmare Web Design Client. Do This Instead.

Are you’re struggling to handle a difficult web or graphic design client right now?

Maybe you’re so frustrated you want to end the project. You want to fire your bad client.

Before you do, there’s something you need to know: the problem might be you, not your client.

In this video, i’ll explain why!  

How To Create A Welcome Packet In 30 Minutes

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Ever feel like client work just drains you?

You’re tired of clients who never provide files, feedback or payment on time.

You feel obliged to answer your clients incessant emails on weekends and evenings.

You wish all your clients were total dreamboats who respected your boundaries and valued your service.

But sometimes, it feels like you jumped from a soul-sucking day job to a soul-sucking business.

Sometimes, you crave the security of a regular 9-5 job. At least then, you could leave all the payment-chasing and following up to someone else and just collect your pay slip at the end of each month!

Relate to any of that?

I used to struggle with it too - but over the last few years I’ve figured something out.

Our clients take over our lives, make unreasonable requests and make us feel like crap sometimes because we let them and we train them that it’s OK to do that.

Once I realized this, I was able to make changes to my client process that totally transformed the relationship I had with my clients, increased my income and changed how I felt about my business.

I went from resenting my clients to loving client work.

And I want to help you do the same!

That’s why next week on Wednesday January 23rd, at 2 PM EST / 11 AM PT, I’m hosting a free live workshop to show you how!

At this free workshop, I’m sharing how to create a welcome packet in 30 minutes.

Creating a welcome packet is the first and easiest fix to transform your client process from stressful to smooth.

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At this free workshop, you’ll learn:

  • 10 vital things your welcome packet must include.

  • When to send your welcome packet to your clients and why most designers send it in the wrong format.

  • One welcome packet tweak that’ll get your clients to hand in files and feedback on time - always!

  • 3 examples of welcome pages and packets.

PLUS there'll be a Q&A session where you can get alllll your questions answered.

See you there,

Nesha XO


How To Juggle Multiple Clients Without Getting Overwhelmed

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Rena McDaniel's web design and maintenance business grew fast. She had 47 ongoing Wordpress maintenance clients with no business systems or organization in place.

She knew she had to do something to organize her business quickly or the success she was suddenly experiencing wouldn't last and she'd lose clients.

Rena joined my course, Organize & Automate, so she could streamline her business in the best and fastest way possible. And guys, her results are incredible!

  • She has freed up two hours every day.

  • She’s way less stressed and much easier for her husband to be around.

  • She’s producing a better level of design work

  • Her clients LOVE her process.

Here’s what makes me even happier about her results: she was hesitant about joining my course. She’d taken lots of courses in the past and never finished them. Yet she finished Organize & Automate and it completely changed her business.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Interview Breakdown

00:32 - What made Rena realize she needed to organize her business.

01:15 - The amazing benefits she’s experienced.

01:38 - Managing 47 ongoing clients.

02:22 - Rena hesitated joining Organize & Automate because she has invested in courses before that she didn’t enjoy or didn’t finish.

04:05 - Organizing her business has freed up 2 hours a day.

06:27 - Rena was surprised how easy it was to organize her business.

08:08 - How Rena’s clients reacted to her new project process.

09:15 - Out of the 12 courses Rena has taken, this is the only one she has completed.

Think her results were awesome? It doesn’t stop there. Here’s what she said a week after our call…

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Organize your web or graphic design business in just two weeks

  • 2 hours spare each day.

  • Clients are becoming referral machines.

  • Double the income in half the hours.

These are just some of the results my Organize & Automate students have had, and you can have them too.


Want To Raise Your Web Design Rates? Do This First.

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Today I want you to meet Cat, the designer behind Gatto Web Studio and one of my Organize & Automate course students!

Cat was ready to stop playing small and working on blog designs only. She was ready to design for businesses and brands, take on larger projects and charge more for them. She was ready to level the heck up.

But she was also worried about the extra work that comes with taking on larger projects.

She wanted it to feel simple, not complicated. She wanted to be able to take on more than one large project at a time and handle it smoothly and stress-free.

That’s why she joined Organize & Automate.

If you’re ready to charge more for your design services and start taking on larger projects, Cat’s story will help you.

Interview Breakdown

0:33 - Cat decided to up-level her business and raise her pricing.

01:12 - The challenges Cat faced before she organized her business.

03:07 - The moment Cat realized she should be stepping into a CEO role in her business, not handling emails and admin tasks for hours each day.

04:41 - Cat’s opinion of Organize & Automate.

05:36 - How long it took Cat to complete the course.

06:01 - Her favourite thing about the course.

06:27 - The one thing that surprised Cat about the course.

07:07 - Where Cat would be now if she hadn’t organized her design business.

08:17 - Why Cat never stuck to the business systems she’d implemented in the past.

09:20 - How organizing her business has transformed how she feels about herself and her work.

10:52 - Why Cat joined Organize & Automate even though she’d had bad experiences with online courses in the past.

Organize your entire web or graphic design business in just two weeks

  • 2 hours spare each day.

  • Clients are becoming referral machines.

  • Double the income in half the hours.

These are just some of the results my Organize & Automate students have had, and you can have them too.