When you should & shouldn’t raise your rates

Audio Notes

Nikki Groom - Lewis Howes talked me into doubling my rates in 30 minutes flat.

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5 questions to ask yourself before raising your rates-

  1. Are you earning enough to pay your bills and live comfortably?
  2. So you’re earning enough to live comfortably. Are there any luxuries you need more money to afford? Like buying a house or traveling the world?
  3. How far in advance are you booked out? If you’re always booked a few months in advance, you’re in demand! You can afford to raise your rates.
  4. Will your target market pay your higher prices?
  5. If not, should you start targeting a different market? Will you enjoy working with this market as much as you enjoyed working with your other market?

Need to tell your clients that you’re raising your rates? Here’s an email script!


It’s been amazing watching your business grow since we finished working together! How have you been? Do you have any questions about your [INSERT THE THING YOU MADE FOR THEM] that I can help answer?

I’m just checking to see how you are and let you know that from [DATE], my pricing is going up.

I’ve attached a PDF with further details for you, to help you understand why I’ve made this decision and what it means for you. [ATTACH PDF WITH NEW PRICING AND MORE INFO]

I understand this may come as a surprise for you which is why I want to offer you my services at my old price points if you’d like to work with me within the next 30 days.

Just shoot me a message if you have any questions at the price increase! And if you’d like to work together at my old price points, just let me know and I’ll set up a time for us to chat over Skype.