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Video Notes

The Shelancer business plan: Need to create an income goal for the year? Use my business planner!

Need to cut down on the time you spend on social media? Schedule your posts in advance! My favourite social scheduling websites are Coschedule and Buffer. Coschedule is particularly awesome for Wordpress users because you can schedule your blog posts AND your social media posts from it, but Squarespace users can use it too.

Inbox Pause and Boomerang: You can use either of these Gmail add-ons to pause your inbox at the end of the work day. No emails on the evenings- woo!

Monthly Duty Day: I got this idea from Heart Love Always. Check out her blog post to see the kind of things she does on her duty days!

The Day Designer: This planner is beautiful and it has some awesome worksheets at the front to help you plan for the year ahead. It has a hefty price tag of £65 but it's a nice treat and a good investment. 

Paperchase: UK Shelancers, if you're looking for a basic planner then have a look at Paperchase. This is the planner I purchased last year and I loved it. This year I printed out some planner sheets and I bought this goooorgeous binder from Paperchase to put the sheets in.

The Simplified Planner: Simple and beautiful, but a little on the pricy side.

Paper & Prosper: They have a fantastic planner that is really actionable and will really help you make big plans. Unfortunately, it's a little on the ugly side. No need to fear though because you can buy their sheets, print them and put them in a cute binder!

Elle & Co planner: This month I signed up for Lauren's library and downloaded her 2016 planner. I've printed it out to use over the next twelve months and I've already been using it tons! It really is great, I recommend it for sure you guys. :)

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