The 90 Day Plan

Video Notes

Your 90 day plan worksheet: Click the link and it will immediately download. You can then print out the worksheet and fill it in!

As I mentioned in the video above, it's important that you don't overcomplicate your plans because that can lead to overwhelm- the total opposite to how plans like these should make you feel! The worksheet is simple and will keep you focused. But, if you want to delve deeper into 90 day plans then take a look at the next video note...

The 12 Week Year: This book is written by Brian P Moran and it was the book that introduced me to the concept of 90 day plans. It's still my absolute favourite business book. If you like the idea of 90 day plans and you want to develop your strategy, buy the book.

Brian also offers a free 5 day course on his website that will help you understand 90 day plans a little more if you're dubious about them at the moment. 

Amber McCue: She wasn't mentioned in the video but Amber is another person who talks 90 day plans in her Planathon (a yearly bootcamp that helps female entrepreneurs plan for the following year.) 


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