The 4 Stages of Your Client Onboarding Process

Audio Notes

Organize & Automate. Interested in learning more about streamlining your design business? Click here to sign up to the VIP list and be the first to hear when the course relaunches on June 14th. All VIP’s will get a $50 discount and some epic fast-action bonuses!

Asana. If you’re looking for a brilliant and affordable project management tool, look no further than Asana! I recently switched from Basecamp to Asana and couldn’t be happier. It has all of Basecamp’s features but it’s free. (There’s a whole module on using Asana with your design clients in Organize & Automate.)

Hellosign. Need a tool that allows you to send your clients electronic invoices? Hellosign is my favourite.

Pancake. If you want to start creating professional invoices for your clients, I recommend Pancake. It allows you to create estimates, proposals and invoicesand it’s a one-time fee. Pay once and use it forever!