goodbye pack

How to wrap up your client projects

Video Notes

Any websites or resources that I discussed in the video are always listed and linked below. Links with an * next to them are affiliate links- just thought you guys should know that. Enjoy, my friends!

Click here to head to my Client Library (aka. My Goodbye Package) and use the password "designclient".

Click here to download the slides from this video!

Calendly: The scheduling tool I use. Clients can schedule consultations with me and their booking goes right on my Google Calendar.

Here's a copy of the email I send my clients when their project comes to an end. Feel free to copy it and use it with your own clients!

"Hey _________,

As our work together comes to an end, I wanted to send a special thanks your way. You've been amazing to work with, and I hope you've enjoyed our collaboration as much as I have. :)

To end our journey on a high note, there are two points I want to leave you with:

1. If you're pleased with the work I've done for you and you'd like to leave me a testimonial, I've created a short feedback form you can fill out. Click here to check it out. Testimonials are priceless for my business, so I'd really appreciate yours.

2. I'm offering you 10% off your next round of services with me, if you’d like to work together again in the future. I’m hoping you do!

Thanks a bunch,
Your Name

PS. Check your snail mail over the next couple of weeks- I've sent you a little something."