April 2016

Behind The Scenes April 2016

In these posts I share:

  • My blog growth
  • My newsletter growth
  • How I did with last month's goals
  • My goals for next month
  • Lessons I've learned throughout the month
  • My current obsessions
  • My traffic report compared to the previous month

My website growth

Visits: 23,694 (-589)

Pageviews: 39,526 (-4,953)

Audience size: 17,864 (-1,775)

Most popular post published in April: My step by step design process

My top 3 traffic referrers: Direct, Pinterest, Google.

Again, I didn’t post every week on my blog. But thankfully, my traffic stayed relatively the same!

I’m definitely over feeling like I HAVE to post every week. I don’t have to. As long as my email list is getting an email from me every week (which is something I try to stay reeeeally consistent with) then I’m happy.

I’ve also decided that when it comes to launching products, I’m going to only blog about 3 times throughout the prelaunch because the emails are more important. If I’m going to invest my time anywhere, it’ll be in my list!

The money is in the list. I know people say it again and again, but it’s true.

My strategy for building my list and growing my passive income is swiftly turning into this:

Add content upgrades to all my posts (this in in progress).
Get as many people as possible to my old blog posts (I’m going to try promoted pins for this, starting from next month. Eeek!)
Get people from my blog, onto my list and into one of my funnels.

Intrigued by the mention of funnels? I’ve been doing a LOT of work on my funnels this month. Read on for deets!

My newsletter growth

Number of subscribers: 5,177

Most popular opt-ins: My new Find More Clients interview series.

Now, let’s talk funnels!

This month, I enrolled in the free version of Set It & Forget It. It’s a course about email funnels and automations.

I have my friend Erin to thank for introducing me to this course!

Guys, it’s one of the most beneficial free courses I’ve EVER taken.

In the course, Leah (the creator) explains about two types of email sequences:

  • The Welcome Sequence
  • The Forever Sequence

What are they, you say?

When someone opts in to receive a content upgrade from your site, or simply opts in to receive blog updates, they get added to your Welcome Sequence. It’s a series of 5 emails that introduces the subscriber to you and your offerings.

The Forever Sequence is the magic bit. It’s a sequence of emails that lasts a whole year! Once the new subscriber finishes getting emails from the Welcome Sequence, they get put into the Forever Sequence and receive one email every week from that sequence for a year.

The Forever Sequence is going to totally change my email marketing.

I’ve created one sequence for people interested in design, and one for people interested in freelancing.

The weekly emails I normally send out don’t always appeal to everyone on my list, but my Forever Sequences ensure that everyone on my list is receiving emails from me about things they’re interested in every single week.

It also ensures that I’m selling my products and services on autopilot. Can I get a hallelujah?!

If, like me, you think it might be pretty hard to create a year’s worth of emails, think again. I didn’t have to take the paid course to realize that I already all the content for my emails.

Here’s what I added to my forever sequence:

  • My two sales funnels. They’re both sets of 6 six emails that promote my products.
  • My past blog posts. Blog posts that are buried so deep in my archives that you’ve probably never read them!
  • A few short, sweet and actionable emails (so that my subscribers aren’t always bombarded with lengthy reads.)
  • A survey (This goes out halfway through the year, asking my subscribers to tell me what they’re struggling with and how I can help them.)

By the time I was done adding these emails to my Forever Sequence, I had 50 emails in it already.

Want a behind-the-scenes look at all my email sequences? Here you go!

And here’s a sneak peek at what my Forever Sequence (for freelancers) looks like:

I use Convertkit, which makes it suuuuper easy for me to create these sequences.

If you want to learn more about the Forever Sequence, head over to the Set It & Forget It sales page and check out the course.

Behind-the-scenes this month

If I’m being honest, I’ve felt a bit bleh about my business this month.

I want to take my business to the next level by creating a course but I’m totally stuck on course ideas. I have too many!! (If you’d care to share what you’d like to learn from me this year, hit me up in the Facebook group!)

Even as I’m writing this, I still haven’t made my mind up. I’m hoping that my recent survey will help me understand what you guys actually want to learn from me. That way, the course topic decision will be taken out of my hands!

If you’d like to take the survey, head this way. I really appreciate it!!

How did I do with my April goals?

1. Host another webinar. I had a webinar scheduled but both of us totally forgot about it. And if I’m being honest, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind this month to do a webinar.

2. Finish redesigning my website. Practically done! I redesigned the Shelancer page a bit. I just need to tweak my Design page and then my website is relatively done for a while.

3. Go on holiday for a week. Done! I chilled, read books, sat on the beach and ate good food all week. It was the perfect break from my creative work, and it helped me feel excited about leaping into my work again!

4. Hire a VA. DONE! I hired Danielle to manage The Shelancers Club. She’ll be handling new members and cancellations, editing my audio lessons and uploading all monthly content to my website. Now, I can focus on creating great content for you!

5. Finish creating my new FREE course: Find More Clients. Done. I launched the free course with the hopes that it will help some subscribers decide to buy my ebook, Social Splash. One day after I launched the free course, I had three purchases! I’m hoping it will continue that way. A few sales every week would result in an extra £200 of purely passive income each month.

Current obsessions

Set It & Forget It: The course that introduced me to the world of Welcome Sequences and a year’s worth of newsletters that automatically send. If you want to improve your email marketing, this is the best course to do it.

The Effortless Everyday: A book on designing your daily life to free up time and energy for what really matters.

Tweet Jukebox: I switched from Buffer to Tweet Jukebox and I am in love. It recycles all my tweets so I rarely ever have to add new ones!




Disclaimer/Truth: I do earn a commission if you purchase any of the products with an * next to them. There are obviously other products available like these, but these are products I love and they are my recommendations based on my own experience. If you do purchase through my affiliate link, thanks so much for your support!

When you should & shouldn’t raise your rates

Audio Notes

Nikki Groom - Lewis Howes talked me into doubling my rates in 30 minutes flat.

Social Splash - So you’ve raised your rates but need help finding clients that will pay that much? I have an ebook of social media marketing strategies for you! The very strategies that helped me book most of my own clients. Check out Social Splash here. 

5 questions to ask yourself before raising your rates-

  1. Are you earning enough to pay your bills and live comfortably?
  2. So you’re earning enough to live comfortably. Are there any luxuries you need more money to afford? Like buying a house or traveling the world?
  3. How far in advance are you booked out? If you’re always booked a few months in advance, you’re in demand! You can afford to raise your rates.
  4. Will your target market pay your higher prices?
  5. If not, should you start targeting a different market? Will you enjoy working with this market as much as you enjoyed working with your other market?

Need to tell your clients that you’re raising your rates? Here’s an email script!


It’s been amazing watching your business grow since we finished working together! How have you been? Do you have any questions about your [INSERT THE THING YOU MADE FOR THEM] that I can help answer?

I’m just checking to see how you are and let you know that from [DATE], my pricing is going up.

I’ve attached a PDF with further details for you, to help you understand why I’ve made this decision and what it means for you. [ATTACH PDF WITH NEW PRICING AND MORE INFO]

I understand this may come as a surprise for you which is why I want to offer you my services at my old price points if you’d like to work with me within the next 30 days.

Just shoot me a message if you have any questions at the price increase! And if you’d like to work together at my old price points, just let me know and I’ll set up a time for us to chat over Skype.



What should you charge for your services and products?

Audio Notes

My Price: Learn more about the app and download it here.

Denise Duffield Thomas: Get a free chapter of her ‘Get Rich, Lucky B****’ book here. I’m not an affiliate, I just think Denise rocks.

Price points I talked about for products:

Ebooks, audio books and memberships: $9.99 to $29.99
Email or text courses: $97/$99
Video courses: $147 to $299
Premium programs and in-person workshops: $399 - $999.