Masterclass: Pricing Strategy For Freelance Designers


In this month’s masterclass,  I talked with special guest, Danielle Joseph, the freelance brand and web designer behind Function Creative Co. Danielle works with amazing clients like Screw The Nine To Five, and had lots of insight to share on how to find higher paying clients, when to raise your rates and when NOT to. She's the perfect designer to teach you about pricing strategy!

Topics discussed:

  • What was Danielle's pricing like when she started out as a designer? (1:10)
  • Nesha's pricing when she started out as a designer (3:30)
  • Do you believe in the charge-what-you're-worth idea? (4:40)
  • How often do you raise your prices? How do you know if it's the right time to raise your prices? (7:33)
  • How to add more 'perceived value' to your packages (10:25)
  • When you raise your prices, what are your fears? (15:25)
  • Why you should ALWAYS list your prices on your website (16:22)
  • What is the value of your package to your client? (23:17)
  • There are clients at every price point (24:10)
  • Improving your client experience before you charge more (25:38)
  • How to work with amazing clients making big changes in the world (28:10)

Who is Danielle Joseph?


"I’m the face and creative behind Function Creative Co. – a one-woman creative design company. Function Creative Co was born in April 2014 and has been picking up speed ever since. It took me two full years to build up my business to a point where I felt comfortable diving in full time. But it really started even well before that.

I’ve always been a creator. Since I could hold a pencil in my hand, I was a maker of things. I wanted to be an artist, then a cartoonist. Now, after over 7 years of post-secondary education in marketing, communications + design, I’ve landed in the realm of creative designer, artist + maker.

I love to make things look beautiful, but it’s also important to me that every design decision has a purpose. Practicality is the name of my game. "

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