Must-have tools for creating books, courses & workshops

This month has been crazy. I've been creating books, working on webinars and planning future launches for the amazing year of 2016. 

I challenged myself to forget Adobe InDesign for a month and try using Apple Pages to create my ebook (I heard it was really easy and fun...)

I bought a Blue Yeti mic* to record lessons for you and use for webinars.

I taught myself how to use Audacity to record and edit lessons so they were crisp and clear. 

I freakin' hustled hard to prep for my book pre-launch and the fun live events that are coming up in February. 

It was incredibly, ridiculously fun- but also haaaard. I couldn't have done it all without the help of the tools I mentioned above and the tools I've compiled into this fun workbook for you! 

The workbook includes tools you can use to create your very own eBooks, courses and workshops. It's basically a collection of the tools I've learned to use this month and the tools I'm planning on using more throughout the year. 


Don't forget to let me know in our Facebook group what you think of the tools and whether you have any you'd add to the mix. 

Nesha Woolery

I build beautiful brands & websites for passionate entrepreneurs!