Masterclass: How To Find Your Niche


In this month’s masterclass I talked with my special guest, Devan Danielle, about how to choose a niche for your design business.

Topics discussed:

  • Why should you choose a niche? (5:12)
  • Switching from a 'freelance' mindset to a 'business owner' mindset (9:50)
  • Using your niche to help you stand out from your competition (12:16)
  • How to find your niche when you're just starting out (16:15)
  • Is it possible to niche too much? (19:32)
  • How to transition into your new niche (22:25)
  • How to make money while you transition into your new niche (27:06)
  • What to do if your niche has no money (29:14)
  • How to specialize in a different visual style to what you've been offering (32:20)
  • How to find out if the niche you're interested in is profitable (35:17)
  • How to find clients from your new niche (39:39)
  • How to niche without losing business (43:01)
  • OWN your niche (52:55)

Quotes From Devan

"Once you figure out your niche, OWN it. Don't dance around it."

"When you find your niche, your content and services will be easier to create because you're creating with a specific niche in mind."

"Niching will help you get really clear on what you do and who you help so you can attract more dream clients."

"When you niche, you move from a freelance mindset to a business owner mindset. And when you're a business owner, YOU tell the client what you help them with."

Quotes From Nesha

"If you want to charge more and work with premium clients but your current target market can't afford what you want to charge, you need to change your target market."

"Your niche is not a forever thing. If you try working with a certain niche and realize you don't like it, it's okay to shift your niche."

"When you niche, remember to delete irrelevant blog posts. All your blog posts should now focus on your new niche."

Who is Devan Danielle?

Devan is a a personal branding coach. She’s a total pro at helping you figure out WHO you should be targeting and HOW to stand out from your competitors.

You can find Devan's website here and follow her on Instagram here.

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