Masterclass Action: 4 Challenges To Help You Apply This Month’s Masterclass

When I post masterclasses in the club, I don’t want to overwhelm you with MORE content. I want you to implement what you learned in the masterclass, and these four mini classes and challenges will help you do that.

Each mini class focuses on a specific point brought up in this month’s masterclass. Watch the video, take the challenge, and improve your business in just five minutes per challenge!

Mini Class 01: Define Who Your Ideal Client Is


A lot of marketing folks tell you to find your ideal client by creating a fake client profile, giving it a name, and getting really specific about where they work, where they’re from, how many kids they have, etc etc. Creating a client profile may work for some, but I believe it can sometimes overcomplicate things.

You can figure out who your ideal client is WITHOUT writing down everything from where they shop to the pets they have. I have a simple method to help you, and you can go through it in 5 minutes!

There are just 6 main questions you need to answer:

  • Is your ideal client male or female?
  • Out of all your clients, who did you enjoy working with the most?
  • What are your client’s goals?
  • What are your client’s biggest dreams?
  • What are your client’s fears?
  • What are your client’s struggling with before they hire you?

How does defining your ideal client help you write your website copy? Because, my friend: you have to know WHO you’re targeting so you can write what they want to hear.

By answering the first two questions in that list, you will:

  • Understand what kind of person you enjoy working with (male/female/friendly/serious/determined etc)
  • Understand what category of business you enjoy working with (photographers/shop owners/sports brands etc)
  • Understand what style of work you want (Eg. If your ideal client is a friendly female who runs a wedding photography business, your style of work will probably be feminine, sweet and stylish.)

After answering the last four questions, you’ll be able to write copy that:

  • Touches on your client’s biggest fears.
  • Shows your client how YOUR service will help stop those fears from coming true.
  • Shows your client how your service can help them achieve their dreams and goals.

Your mission:

Answer those six questions on this thread and define your ideal client TODAY! It may not be the kinds of businesses you’re working with now. 😉

If you have any questions, leave them on this thread and we can all discuss them!

Remember: We have a 1-hour masterclass on writing your website copy with special guest Kayla Hollatz! Watch it in our library.

Mini Class 02: Define Your Core Brand Values


In this month’s 1-hour masterclass (in the library), special guest Kayla Hollatz told us you need to define your CORE BRAND VALUES before writing or updating your website copy. Why? Because your brand values will control what you include in your website copy.

For example, let’s say your brand values are:

Trust: You want your clients and customers to have deep trust in you.

Simplicity: You want visitors to easily and simply go through your website, and then your client process.

Friendship: You want more than a client/freelancer relationship. You want to be their friend.

Here’s how you would SHOW these example brand values through your website copy:

Trust: Establish trust via your website copy with testimonials and heartfelt personal stories.

Simplicity: Establish simplicity by keeping your website copy simple and direct, using bullet points, using a a clean + large font and lots of white space.

Friendship: Establish friendship by asking your visitors questions and welcoming them to reach out to you on social media.

To find your brand values:

Take 5 minutes right now and write all the values you want to include in your business. This could be honesty, boldness, passion, kindness, warmth, humor or other qualities.

Then choose the 3 values that mean the most to you.

Your mission: Post your 3 main brand values on this thread and we can all help you figure out how to convey them through your website copy!

Remember: We have a 1-hour masterclass on writing your website copy with special guest Kayla Hollatz! Watch it in our library.

Mini Class 03: Write Your Mission Statement


Now, it’s time to start writing your mission statement! In this month’s 1-hour masterclass, Kayla gave us a simple formula to help you write it:

I help [blank] to [blank] through [blank]

Here’s mine:

I help web & graphic designers start, expand and streamline their businesses through workshops, courses and ebooks.

Keep your mission statement as clear and easy-to-understand as possible. Don’t get fancy and start using words like ‘I’m a web wizard’ if you’re a web designer. Just use the words ‘web designer’.

Remember: the point of your mission statement is to tell potential clients what you do and how you can help them, so make it super easy for them to understand.

Your mission: Create your own mission statement using Kayla’s formula: I help [blank] to [blank] through [blank]

Post your mission statement on this thread so we can all give feedback! 😃

Remember: We have a 1-hour masterclass on writing your website copy with special guest Kayla Hollatz! Watch it in our library.

Mini Class 04: Find Your Brand Voice


We’re onto our final mini class on improving your website copy, and this one is all about finding your brand voice.

Record yourself speaking.

Both Kayla Hollatz (this month’s special guest) and I agree that recording yourself speaking about your service or Passion Topic will help you find your brand voice.

After recording yourself and listening to it playback, you’ll see:

  • What words you use most often
  • Your tone of voice
  • Your attitude towards your passion

You can then interlace those things into your website copy!

Remember: You should write how you speak. You don’t want your clients to imagine you’re a certain type of person, then get on a call with you and feel deceived because you’re not at all how your website portrays you. Stay true to YOU.

Your mission: Record yourself talking about your service, business or passion for 10 minutes.

Listen to it & make a note of words you frequently use, your tone of voice, and your attitude. Hop into our Facebook group and tell everyone what your results are!