Making Passive Income With A Digital Design Shop, With Lindsay Humes


About This Interview

Lindsay Humes is a Wordpress web developer and also runs a Wordpress template shop, White Oak Creative. In this interview, Lindsay shares how to get started as a web developer, how to make passive income with a digital design shop, and how to make good passive income without doing a big launch. 

Interview Breakdown

Learning web development on the job (5:40)

Self-teaching web development vs studying web development in school (6:56)

What etiquette should designers follow when using premade themes to create websites for their clients? (8:30)

What to do if you don’t want to code (11:32)

Customer support boundaries to put in place when starting a digital design shop (12:52)

The hardest thing about running a digital shop (16:38)

The best things about running a digital shop (18:23)

You don’t have to do a crazy big launch to make good passive income (19:53)

About Lindsay


Lindsay Humes is an art director and front-end developer, who crafts beautiful and dynamic brands for professional bloggers. Through her design shop, she sells affordable pre-made design solutions, including WordPress themes, blog post templates, logos and media kits. Lindsay fuses personal elements of her life as a female business owner with essays, videos, and tutorials in her blog.

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