Launch a course in 10 steps

10 steps to launching a course

  1. Research
  2. Create your course content
  3. Record your content
  4. Create bonuses
  5. Create a sales page
  6. Write launch emails and blog posts
  7. Schedule social media
  8. Create ads
  9. Find affiliates
  10. Host a webinar

Tools & equipment



Blue yeti mic

Blue snowball ice mic

Convertkit: The system I use to send my newsletters. I switched from Mailchimp to Convertkit a while ago and I’m still loving it!



Organize & Automate: This is the course I launched this month. If you’re a designer and you’re interested in streamlining your design process, I welcome you to check it out!

Launch Your Signature Course

Webinar Rockstar: I learned everything I needed to know about hosting webinars from this course. It’s aaaaamazing.

How to set up a webinar for free using Squarespace.

Course Launch Collateral: Mariah wrote an amazing post on all the things you need to make before launching your course.