How to use OptimizePress to launch your brilliant ideas

This guest post is written by Amanda Genther. She helps you launch profitable online courses and eBooks. When you can't find many clients and you're struggling to sell your services, it's useful to have passive income you can fall back on. To create passive income, you need to launch eBooks, courses of products. But how? And where do you start? Amanda is here to shed some light on the topic!

Online courses and passive income are a hot topic right now, and I’ll bet that you’ve got a whole notebook full of ideas just waiting to get out into the world. Amiright?!

But what happens when you’re completely confused by all of the tech tools involved to launch something? One of the biggest hangups being how to design your sales page and membership site.... without being a techy.

Because the fact is: the content and your people are what you should be focused on, not the technology.

ENTER: OptimizePress!

This is THE tool I recommend to my entire community and anyone wanting to learn how to easily design their own sales pages and membership sites, regardless of whether you’re a designer or know how to use Photoshop. It also helps those with smaller budgets get on the same level playing field as those who can outsource their design work, because it’s affordable and easy to use.

How to use it:

First, you’ll want to make sure you have a fresh domain set up with Wordpress installed. I recommend watching this awesome step-by-step video from Michael Hyatt to setup your domain, hosting and install Wordpress.

1. Purchase your license for OptimizePress here: (you should only need the Core Package for now)

2. Once you purchase, follow OP’s Ultimate Getting Started Guide for step-by-step instructions for installing OptimizePress onto your website.

3. Once you have OP installed and the basics setup, I recommend playing around by creating a new page. The easiest way to design new pages is to use the Live Editor, which allows you to see the changes as you’re making them.

4. Choose a pre-installed content template or choose one from their shop for the new page you’re creating. If you’re creating a sales page, they have pre-built sales page templates you can use. Same goes for membership site pages, squeeze pages and so much more.

5. Add your content to the page, upload graphics and images (I recommend Canva for designing your own graphics and icons) and customize your colors and fonts.

Just like any other technology, OP does have a slight learning curve, but after a few pages and a few hours of playing around with it, you’ll start to feel a lot more comfortable.

And eventually, you’ll be whipping out gorgeous sales pages in a matter of hours.

My top tips for using OptimizePress:

Keep it simple to start. If you aren’t a designer, I always recommend to keep your sales pages and membership site designs simple by using the built-in content templates that come with OptimizePress. At this point, I only recommend adding your own content and changing the colors and fonts to match your branding. As you get more comfortable with everything, you can start to get fancier with the design.

White space is your best friend. Don’t be afraid to add a lot of “padding” to your copy and images. The “padding” I’m referring to is all of the white space used on your sales pages and membership sites. White space gives your content some room to breathe and makes it easier for your readers and customers to follow the page and no what to read next. Bunched up text on a page is hard to read and will cause more people to exit the page before they finish reading, which could result in less sales for you.

Use lots of visuals throughout the page. Once I get done adding all of the content to sales pages I design for my clients, I go back through the entire page, section by section, and ask myself, “How could I say this visually?”. A crazy statistic I came across a year ago says, “Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster to the brain than text”, which means that it’s much easier for your readers to consume your content via visuals than by reading, so always try to make your sales pages and membership sites as visual as possible.

By using OptimizePress, you get to take your branding and product launches back into your own hands, so you no longer have to wait on a designer’s timeline to have room for your project or shell out $4,000+ for a designer to create a custom sales page and membership site for your course.

It only takes $97 + time invested learning how to use the tool.

Amanda Genther helps purpose-driven women entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life by providing personality-inspired design + next-level strategy for their online courses. She is also the creator of Irresistible Sales Pages, an online course that teaches women entrepreneurs how to become their own sales page stylists so they can launch with confidence and make more sales.

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