How to create passive income streams

Lesson Notes

Social Splash: Did you hear? I pre-launched my ebook this month! It's called Social Splash, and it will help freelancers get clients through social media. Last year I went from zero clients to being booked out for six months, and it was all down to social media marketing. When I stepped up my social marketing game, I saw results. Big results. 

Social Splash if my first real passive launch (since TSC isn't hugely passive), and I'm hoping to see good results from it. I'll take you behind the scenes of my book next month!

Social Splash Affiliate Program: Speaking of Social Splash... would you guys like to earn from income from it? If so, sign up to become an affiliate! You'll receive a 50% commission on every sale made via your affiliate link. I look forward to paying you, friends! ;)

Pat Flynn: Pat Flynn is the owner of Smart Passive Income. He pretty much started the passive income craze in the online world. His SPI podcast is one of my absolute favs! If you want to learn about making passive income, check it out. 

Stress Less & Impress: This course* is one of the best courses I've ever invested in. It helped me build systems and processes for my client work when I first started freelancing.

When I first invested in this, I was a new *broke* freelancer and the cost of this course made me feel a little sick. But I earned the money back in two weeks because Leah has a kickass affiliate program her customers can join.

If you're looking for to start earning affiliate income, start with this course. 

*All links with an * next to them are my affiliate links. 

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